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The Way We Were: Sacred Heart

...He did so modestly, thoroughly and successfully. Today we have the Sacred Heart Cultural Center. If you have a memory of attending Sacred Heart when it was a church, or enjoying it today, send it to
The Way We Were: A meeting mystery

...these women appear often in the newspaper after World War II. I just can't find them all together in one setting (or sitting).Do you know them or what this could be? Why not send me an e-mail at
Kirby: Suggestions needed for local food guide

...This might involve research, but why not share some of your favorites with me? The e-mail address is SWEET THOUGHT: Lauren Kantz suggested a solution to leftover Halloween candy:"At Our Lady of Peace...
The Way We Were: The Georgia Railroad Bank

...officially opened the bank.The building's still here, towering over Broad Street and Augusta. The banking, however, has moved on, leaving us with memories.Why not share yours in an e-mail to
The Way We Were: Augusta and the fair

...She must have been really pretty.If you have any memories of the fair, share them in an e-mail to can't spell funnel cake without F-U-N.
The Way We Were: Calhoun Expressway

...differently, why not send me an e-mail and set the records straight. If you had to move out of your Harrisburg home so the highway could be built, that would be interesting to hear, too.Send an e-mail to
The Way We Were: High water always, repeated itself.Were you one of them? Why not share your experiences in an e-mail to can leave your hat at home.
The Way We Were: The Arsenal Oak

...sadness and is now remembered with a plaque.But you might remember it differently. If you want to share what you recall of some adventure or connection to the old campus oak, send it in an e-mail to
The Way We Were: Sandlot football

...returned all its stars from the previous year.Power-house teams usually do.If you remember more details of Bulldogs or the Tigers or the Shamrocks or even the Hillbillies, share it in an e-mail to
The Way We Were: Downtown banking boom

...his music.If you remember the old C&S or Bennett Brown or the 1970 event, share it in an e-mail to If you want to talk about its architecture, well ... I am a columnist.