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The Way We Were: High water always, repeated itself.Were you one of them? Why not share your experiences in an e-mail to can leave your hat at home.
The Way We Were: The Arsenal Oak

...sadness and is now remembered with a plaque.But you might remember it differently. If you want to share what you recall of some adventure or connection to the old campus oak, send it in an e-mail to
The Way We Were: Sandlot football

...returned all its stars from the previous year.Power-house teams usually do.If you remember more details of Bulldogs or the Tigers or the Shamrocks or even the Hillbillies, share it in an e-mail to
The Way We Were: Downtown banking boom

...his music.If you remember the old C&S or Bennett Brown or the 1970 event, share it in an e-mail to If you want to talk about its architecture, well ... I am a columnist.
The Way We Were: A lesson in crowd control

...youngsters were killed during a protest confrontation at Kent State University in Ohio.If you remember the Riotsville demonstrations or military police training at Fort Gordon, share it in an e-mail to
The Way We Were: Fire Prevention

...structures in certain areas.These days it's only when an old building catches fire that we might remember this used to happen a lot. Do you remember any great old town fires?Share it in an e-mail to
The Way We Were: Wrightsboro Road

...common in the area, including the Flowing Wells spring on past the mall, where folks still fill up jugs of water.Do you remember the old days along Wrightsboro Road?Why not share them in an e-mail to
The Way We Were: Back To School and (hopefully) how to help others.Oh yeah, and you learn math and spelling. And the history of others, as a way to better write the history of yourself.See you at recess.Contact Bill Kirby at
The Way We Were: Duke Restaurant

...without coming to Duke's.""He took care of his employees, and they were loyal to him," his family remembered.So what do you remember about the Duke Restaurant?Why not share it in an e-mail to
The Way We Were: The Railroad Arch

...job - it's still there.Check it out next time you go to the civic center or pull out of the downtown post office.If you have any memories to share of the old railroad shops, send me an e-mail at