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The Way We Were: Brooks Keel

...would like to share any memories about the likely president of GRU, why not share them in an e-mail to photos of his youth would be OK, too.
The Way We Were: Savannah River fun

...about that, too. Feel free to confess the sins of your great-grandparents. The statute of limitations will surely keep their records as unencumbered as a summer swim.Let me know in an e-mail at
The Way We Were: Parades on Broad Street

...the year it was taken and the event it recorded. There are clues, if you look. If you think you know the answer, or if you ever marched in a military parade, why not share the story in an e-mail to
The Way We Were: 1956

...If you remember any of these events, or want to guess the road in the photograph, send an e-mail to highlight of 1956 was getting the chicken pox, but it didn't make the newspaper.
The Way We Were: Savannah River Raft Race

...but do you remember any river adventures from the good old days?Why not share them in an e-mail to life-jackets required.)
The Way We Were: Where Is This?

...and tell them how big computers used to be.If you remember any of this, why not send an e-mail to and share that recollection?
The Way We Were: Summer swimming

...a place around here to enjoy some time in the water? Why not share your remembrances in an e-mail to image also recalls another tale from Augusta's more distant past. In earlier centuries, as most...
The Way We Were: Social skills from Social

...make eye contact, stand up straight, speak clearly and properly navigate a dining table.And there's dancing.If you would like to share your memories of Social, send them along in an e-mail to
The Way We Were: The Bon Air Hotel

...famous old building houses elderly and disabled residents in federally subsidized apartments.Many, however, remember its past glory.Are you one of them? Share your Bon Air experience in an e-mail to
The Way We Were: Public feared polio

...researcher, developed a vaccine that curbed the disease. Today it is almost a memory, although still a grim one.Do you have any memories of those days of fearing polio?Why not share them in an e-mail to