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The Way We Were: Hood's Chapel School

...grade.If you have any memories you want to share about Hood's Chapel or Pinetucky, e-mail them to the next time the kids complain about riding the bus, show them this picture.
The Way We Were: Miller Theater

...performed there in 1970.DO YOU REMEMBER?Why not share your memories of the Miller. E-mail them to ROAD I grew up at 3120 Washington Road and the thoroughfare is in my DNA.When I was born in...
The Way We Were: Savannah River

...share those thoughts or memories you have of the river that's always been here. Send an e-mail to you don't have to write a poem about it. That's been done.
The Way We Were: Columbia Road

...on Columbia Road years ago? Bet it wasn't always that straight ... or paved.Send an e-mail to OLDER MEMORIESLast week we asked about rural Washington Road. Here are a few of your remembrances.A...
The Way We Were: Walton Way and 15th Street in downtown Augusta

...completely packed with those buying and returning.' " (Augusta Chronicle, Christmas 1975) DO YOU REMEMBER? What do you recall about 15th Street near Walton Way? How has it changed? Send an e-mail to
The Way We Were: Julian Smith Casino

...he was only mayor from 1923-1925, but his memory lives on in a casino.MORE ON AERIALSDO YOU REMEMBER? We all have memories of special events there. What are some of yours? Share with an e-mail to
The Way We Were: Bell Auditorium

...What do you remember about the Bell Auditorium? Share your memories in an e-mail to Bill Kirby at From staff reportsOTHER MEMORIESLast week we asked readers about Augusta in the 1960s.Catching the...
The Way We Were: 1960s Augusta

...away. DO YOU REMEMBER?What can you recall from downtown Augusta in the late 1960s? Send an e-mail to OLDER MEMORIESLast week, we offered photos and some memories of Allen Park. Here are some more. AMERICA'S...
The Way We Were: Allen Park

...University Hospital building. DO YOU REMEMBER? What do you remember about Allen Park? Send an e-mail to Here are a few sent in last week. ALLEN PARK MEMORIESATTENDING GAMESI remember going to Jennings Stadium...
The Way We Were: 1980s Broad Street

...DO YOU REMEMBER? What do you recall about Broad Street? How has it changed. Send an e-mail to MEMORIESLast week, we showed a panoramic aerial photo showing downtown in the late 1950s. Here...