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The Way We Were: Where Is This?

...and tell them how big computers used to be.If you remember any of this, why not send an e-mail to and share that recollection?
The Way We Were: Summer swimming

...a place around here to enjoy some time in the water? Why not share your remembrances in an e-mail to image also recalls another tale from Augusta's more distant past. In earlier centuries, as most...
The Way We Were: Social skills from Social

...make eye contact, stand up straight, speak clearly and properly navigate a dining table.And there's dancing.If you would like to share your memories of Social, send them along in an e-mail to
The Way We Were: The Bon Air Hotel

...famous old building houses elderly and disabled residents in federally subsidized apartments.Many, however, remember its past glory.Are you one of them? Share your Bon Air experience in an e-mail to
The Way We Were: Public feared polio

...researcher, developed a vaccine that curbed the disease. Today it is almost a memory, although still a grim one.Do you have any memories of those days of fearing polio?Why not share them in an e-mail to
The Way We Were: Voting

...Augusta attorney, called it all "a disgrace."It could have been worse. It could have been raining.What about you? Any election day voting adventures? Why not share them at write-ins.)
The Way We Were: Belair and Washington roads

...that odd hitch in Belair Road, where it doesn't seem to quite line up.If you would like to share any memories of this intersection or Roundtree's Store or First Baptist Church, send an e-mail to
The Way We Were: Easter egg hunts

...great Easter egg hunts of the past? This is the season to recall it. Why not reminisce in an e-mail to Maybe we can find a golden egg or chocolate bunny to share.
The Way We Were: The Red Lion

...fried potatoes, chopped green salad with French dressing."It cost $1.75, but you had to understand, there was a war on.Do you have some Red Lion memories? Why not share them in an e-mail to
The Way We Were: Tourist Camps

...would buy 215-pound blocks of ice for the ice box."These were truly the good old days."Do you remember any of the tourist highway courts near Augusta?Why not share your memories in an e-mail to