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The essentials: learning to economize

...cell phone bill can be a major paycheck liquidator. Eliminating text messaging can save $20 a month on the average bill. Park the car: Owning or leasing a car costs more than most teens realize. Do you need a gas-hog of a sports car or sport...
Across Georgia

...firefighting training. Chairman Buddy Ryan said he was not familiar with the "ladies auxiliary" unit and asked county manager Bill Park to look into the matter and report back to the commission.
Article: CIA used UFOs theories to hide own inadequacies

...faster than Mach 2. "In order to placate the directors who controlled the agency's purse strings, Lockheed test pilot Bill Park dived an A-12 to Mach 2," says Crickmore. And a new chapter in UFO history was opened. One of the features about...
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