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Kirby: Holiday spirit never makes it to the roads

...Sadly, the local music stations rarely play it!""One of the more moving and poignant Christmas songs," wrote Bill Dekle, "is one written about a lonely U.S. soldier sitting alone at an outpost in Europe during WWII ? I'll Be Home...
Roy Rogers sang Christmas songs too

...stuff, too. Just not as good as Gene.And if you want to vote on best Christmas song, e-mail me your thoughts.Bill Dekle and Pat Harmon already have. SPEAKING OF YOUTUBE: My latest Kirby's Augusta history video is about our town's founder...
Sage advice imparted as real world awaits

...Bobbye Cobb KEEP THE FAITH: "Believe in Jesus, pray, and never RE-elect anybody in public office."-- Bill Dekle CONTINUE IN LEARNING: "Whatever your plans are for continued education, try to work it out. You may not get to go...
Rein in government to help economy

Just cutting all that destructive, unconstitutional, government-growing insanity probably would balance the budget.
Use caution with cures for cold

...warning: Some sound dangerous and a surprising number of them involve alcohol. (Consult your physician.)For example, Bill Dekle, of Millen, Ga., writes: "We old diabetics can't touch it, but one pretty good cold remedy is hot tea and rum...
Obama health plan is clear as mud

...that's what Obama and his goons and henchmen in Congress like best -- the opposite of clarity -- while they keep on screaming how "open and transparent" they are. What a bloody mess! And the mess is "leading" us? Bill Dekle Millen
Give Congress earful on health care

...kill Obama's bill before he completely takes over our personal lives. Call your congressmen and scream bloody murder. The only thing that can wake up a politician is fear -- the fear of losing his office. Tell 'em! Bill Dekle, Millen
Some people are just better than others

...Carolyn Ogles, of Augusta, wrote: "We had forgotten some of those features (like the spring in the hood!)." Bill Dekle, of Millen, Ga., wrote: "Yep. Vents, spares, bumpers, more headroom, etc.; all great stuff that's gone...
Glynn Moore
Wishes of the people are being ignored

...the power from the people, the system is working backward. Congress is now filled with criminals, for this reason alone, not counting their other crimes and corruption. Our Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves. Bill Dekle Millen
Who among us is left to punish treason?

...power. The Declaration of Independence does give us a clue, by saying we have the right to throw off tyranny. Our Founding Fathers pulled it off. Alas, it appears today's government-fed hordes don't have the moxie. Bill Dekle Millen