Report finds church fire in Greeleyville, S.C. was caused by lightning

...But some attacks on black congregations defy simple racial motives. For example, the task force formed by President Bill Clinton found that 37 percent of the people arrested for bombing or burning black churches in the 1990s were black themselves...

What now defines us?

...defined by your ideas. And you're black only if you're liberal.Dyson even repeated the oft-quoted canard that Bill Clinton was "the first black president."All of this is not only goofy and bizarre, but it's tragic ? because it's...

'Times' sets speed trap

...Democrat candidates, the "mainstream" media are hesitant to go with it. It took the DrudgeReport.com to reveal the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky affair ? even though Newsweek already had the information and had withheld it.Yet, we need to know...

Bill would limit money for past presidents' expenses

WASHINGTON - Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and other former presidents who earn lucrative speaking fees and draw other income would no longer be able to...

Georgia seeks 2016 primary payoff

...Republican National Committee rules has made Georgia's contest more significant than it's been since 1992 when it helped Bill Clinton rebuilt momentum that carried him through to victory. And Georgia's population, donor base and national standing...

Hillary Clinton says so-called women's issues are at the heart of reigniting middle class

...sustain despite scrutiny into the tens of millions of dollars in income that she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, have generated since he left the White House in 2001.She did not take questions at the Democratic event or at an...

Bill Clinton to appear on '60 Minutes' to promote upcoming memoir

NEW YORK -- Bill Clinton, memoir writer, should get better ratings for "60 Minutes" than did Bill Clinton, co-host of "Point-Counterpoint...1992 then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton acknowledged that he and his wife...

Which Bill Clinton?

The $10 million advance given to former President Bill Clinton to write his autobiography is the largest ever for a...everything. Is Knopf sure it contracted with the same Bill Clinton who occupied the White House for eight long, scandalous...

Opinion columns
We don't need Hillary

...What I fear most is the outright practice of lying and cover-up. While Obama has taken it to a level above even Bill Clinton, Hillary is no slouch. Start with the Rose Law Firm; her fantastic savvy of the market allowing her great earnings...

As the coverage turns

...negotiating a lucrative uranium mining project in Kazakhstan, Bill Clinton hitched a ride on Giustra's jet, and the two men...Clinton Foundation fund-raiser in Morocco on Wednesday. Bill Clinton incredibly managed a straight face when asked about...