Bill Clinton says Georgia Senate race comes down to a vote in anger or a vote for the future

...eatery steeped in civil rights history, former President Bill Clinton told a crowd filled with dignitaries and campaign workers...economic prosperity during his time as president."Bill Clinton is a great communicator and he had a great record when...

Electorate has spoken

Three months after Richard Nixon resigned, the Republicans lost 48 seats in Congress. After 22 months of Bill Clinton's tenure, the Democrats lost 54 seats in Congress. He got the message and toned down the Marxism a bit, and worked with both...

Stamp out dictatorship

...elected assembly. Strangely enough, his rationale parrots almost perfectly that used by Castro.Character flaws aside, Bill Clinton was nonetheless a very effective leader steeped in the art of crafting legislation. Conversely, this president's...

Thurmond son recording dad's history

...said he was resigning, She told a story about how Strom Thurmond evaded the Secret Service so he could tell President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary, how much he enjoyed a White House function."Strom had a way of being a cat with 99 lives...

Bush tough act to follow

...Iraq seemed to have cranked up al-Qaida and got the Muslim extremists on their feet. He emptied the Treasury that Bill Clinton had filled, took the national debt from $5 trillion to almost $11 trillion, and left a budget for the incoming president...

Which Bill Clinton?

The $10 million advance given to former President Bill Clinton to write his autobiography is the largest ever for a...everything. Is Knopf sure it contracted with the same Bill Clinton who occupied the White House for eight long, scandalous...

Opinion columns
Bill Clinton to appear on '60 Minutes' to promote upcoming memoir

NEW YORK -- Bill Clinton, memoir writer, should get better ratings for "60 Minutes" than did Bill Clinton, co-host of "Point-Counterpoint...1992 then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton acknowledged that he and his wife...

In tight Ga. Senate race, 3 keys to victory for Nunn and Perdue with election set for Tuesday

...David Perdue spent the last week rallying supporters with the help of big-name surrogates such as former President Bill Clinton and former GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.Now that early voting is over, the campaigns are focused on making...

Deal, Carter, Nunn, Perdue make closing pitches in Georgia

...Republican David Perdue in the Senate race.Two Arkansas politicians will visit Georgia on Friday, with former President Bill Clinton appearing in Atlanta on Nunn's behalf, while Fox News host Mike Huckabee will make stops in south Georgia with Perdue...

Republican Rick Allen targets overregulation in congressional campaign

...president, but only with a Republican-controlled Congress.For instance, he argued that under Democratic President Bill Clinton and a Republican majority, a well-balanced budget resulted in a booming economy in the late 1990s and the U.S...