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FDA releases new food safety rules after delays

...prevention is the cornerstone of our nation's food safety strategy, places new responsibilities on food and beverage manufacturers, and provides the FDA with the authorities it needs to further strengthen our nation's food safety net...
Lower gas prices fuel convenience store sales

...premium products, such as craft and import beer as well as tobacco.The outlook for convenience stores and beverage manufacturers remains "broadly favorable" because of "lower gas prices, higher consumer disposable income and relative...
Two Veras could vie for 'very'

...companies typically cannot use those names at all, because there is a likelihood consumers would think the beverage manufacturer was marketing an unrelated product. Very Vera, the Augusta company, has received national exposure through...
Energy drinks winning fans at bars, not the gym

...Hansen chairman Rodney Sacks said. Sacks said energy drinks represent $140 to $150 million a year in sales for beverage manufacturers. The energy drink market grew more than 102 percent over the past year, according to Beverage Marketing Corp...
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