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Jerry Draughon

...Plant. He was born in Old Hickory, Tenn. to the late John Phillip and Stella L. Draughon. Survivors: wife, Betty Maxwell Draughon; one son, Phil Draughon; one daughter, Cindy Draughon; three grandchildren. Family will receive friends...
Solutions offered for tournament parking

...don't need it anyway. Have the cell phones and pagers surgically excised from your belt. Surely we can live one day without them. Just something to think about. There are other solutions, I'm sure. Betty Maxwell Draughon, Augusta
Opinion columns | Daniel Field
Finds sewerage charge excessive the backyard. I'm not happy with the water situation, and I'm sure as Hades not happy with the sewerage charges. Somebody has definitely lost my vote, and I'm apt to campaign for his opponent. Betty Maxwell Draughon, Augusta
Bacteria warning came far too late

...gladly publishes public service announcements. Where do I send my vet bills incurred because of lack of communication with the public, and poor judgment on the part of quality control at our water system? Betty Maxwell Draughon, Augusta
Letters | Deke Copenhaver | Augusta-Richmond County Commission
Judicial center site will be problematic We surely don't have enough airlines to take up the space. The two flights a day that come in and out of there won't disturb the court nearly as much, and visitors will get a view of the swamp. Betty Maxwell Draughon, Augusta
Letters | Augusta-Richmond County Commission
Let's see what Harriet Miers can do

...bandage on the jugular vein. At the rate we're going now, we'll safely land a crew on Mars when the victims of FEMA will still be living in hotels. Harriet Miers is not the problem. Give her a chance. Betty Maxwell Draughon, Augusta
Commissioners decide? No chance

...probably won't happen. They've got just days to decide on the special-purpose local option sales tax, and they haven't even finished their list. If I was younger, I'd move across the river. Betty Maxwell Draughon, Augusta
Letters | Augusta-Richmond County Commission
A questionnaire to improve education

...go to classrooms where the teachers are the best and most interesting. The others go to alternative classes where the teachers are the biggest and meanest teachers on the payroll. Think that would work? Betty Maxwell Draughon, Augusta