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Americans sweep halfpipe events

BERCHTESGADEN, Germany -- Rickey Bower and Kim Stacey gave the United States a sweep of the halfpipe events in the World Snowboarding Championships...
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Package deals lure tourists

...bobsledding and luge racing on the ice track at Germany's Berchtesgaden resort. So, strap on those old wooden runners and take...pass allows skiing over 34 miles of slopes. Further east, Berchtesgaden has 31 miles of slopes for skiers and snowboarders and a...
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Georgians to see World War II Memorial

...I left over there," he said. Mr. Baker remembers broad aspects of his involvement in the war - especially the day in Berchtesgaden, Austria, when he learned he was going home - but specifics seem to escape him. He remembers missing the landing targets...
Pilgrims pack St. Peter's in enthusiastic welcome of Benedict's papacy

...lederhosen and women in traditional dresses known as dirndls. "It's beautiful to be here," said Veronica Vutz, 32, from Berchtesgaden, Germany, wearing a tight-fitting brown bodice and aproned green skirt. "We came here just for this." Prelates in...
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Mr. John Beebe

...was a veteran of World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. He was the first American officer to enter Dachau and Berchtesgaden. He was a member of the Military Order of the World Wars and completed his military career as commandant of the Civil Affairs...