Rep. Ben Harbin deserves our votes

The Augusta area has benefited from having Ben Harbin as a state representative in the General Assembly. He...Please vote and re-elect a true leader from this area: Ben Harbin. Donnie Smith, Augusta

Ben Harbin deserves our support

How quickly we forget what our elected officials do for us. Case in point, Rep. Ben Harbin. Mr. Harbin has been our elected Representative in the 118th District for 14 years, where he serves as the chairman of the House...

Rants and raves

...our readers: I WOULD LIKE TO GET in contact with Ben Harbin's lawyer or Ben Harbin himself on this DUI charge, and I'd like to know...University Hospital system. Many thanks! THANK YOU, BEN HARBIN. You have proved once again that the good old boy...

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Republicans make inroads in campaign

...Georgia House 113 Representative Ben Harbin and challenger Ron Beul has become...River Site, is facing incumbent Ben Harbin who is now in his sixth year in the...We've got to make changes." Name: Ben Harbin, 36 Family: He and his wife Hope...

Rants and raves

Comments from our readers. RE: BEN HARBIN. People make mistakes, yes, but persons that are in...make better examples. I would have more respect for Ben Harbin had he just admitted his guilt, took his punishment...

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Harbin will help the CSRA prosper

...Appropriations Committee Chairman Ben Harbin. I live and work in Richmond County...in the entire CSRA. My point is, Ben Harbin as the appropriations chairman has...cannot in that type environment. If Ben Harbin should not be re-elected, the...

Sometimes silence not golden

Ben Harbin says his silence has been a mistake. But has he broken it? The Evans...Really? So he always puts off accepting responsibility for over a year? Ben Harbin is a good guy and a good legislator, and there have been some delays in...

Harbin to lead budget board

ATLANTA - Rep. Ben Harbin will fill a leading chairmanship position on a committee responsible...deal of experience. I think it's a good appointment, not only for Ben Harbin, but also for metro Augusta area." After the Republicans accomplished...

Harbin: Pedestrian to blame

ATLANTA - Columbia County state Rep. Ben Harbin, facing drunken driving charges after a weekend traffic...the full police report from Columbia County state Rep. Ben Harbin's DUI arrest. Adobe Reader is required to view or...

Harbin getting kid-glove treatment

As a retired educator, I am flabbergasted that Ben Harbin is receiving so much sympathy from voters for his DUI...bedrock principles. And for those who still believe that Ben Harbin has legislative clout, why did the governor veto $1...

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