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...more like an ... North Augusta High School students participated in See You at the Pole on Wednesday, gathering before school to pray for others. Don't Miss Databases: Search public records data Things to Do: Events calendar

Teachers, faculty credit 'extensive' preparations for smooth National Hills-Garrett school merger

...process transparent so we could try to alleviate the community's fears. ... We made sure we had every base covered before school started this year."Quarles said the influx of new teachers to Garrett helped keep class sizes in check and allowed...

Across the region

...regardless of family income.Susan Adams, assistant commissioner for the program, recommends parents visit the classroom before school starts so children are familiar with new surroundings and inform teachers of any special dietary needs or allergies...

School information, schedules

...along with a certified birth certificate.Students who cannot attend school registration can arrange an appointment before school starts. MCDUFFIE COUNTYDISTRICT WEB SITE: mcduffie.k12.ga.usELEMENTARY OPEN HOUSE : (Maxwell, Thomson...

Long hair isn't culture clash today like in 1960s

...Stewart all began sporting a style that would have gotten them kicked out of an Augusta high school just a few years before.School administrators seemed to refocus their concerns to nose rings and politically incorrect T-shirts, and five decades...

The principal matters: A school's success lies with its top leader

...schools in the principal-selection process before a need materializes for a "reform strategy" in the first place.Before school reform can be successful, a protocol must be designed, preferably by school districts in collaboration with the colleges...

100 years later, plea for kindness to animals continues

...about animals on Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show.Growing up on a small Idaho farm, he had to collect eggs before school. Becker tried scaring the chickens away to make it easier. "It worked really good. They flew off the nesting boxes...

National Hills school teachers, alumni recall past as merger with T. Harry Garrett Elementary looms

...same first-grade classroom he did when she attended in 1997."I remember watching Little Rascals every morning before school," Rhodes, 50, said. "The TV show ended at 8 a.m., which gave me just enough time to get dressed, brush my...

Opportunity School Districts provide 'no excuses' approach to school success

...in Louisiana. It has worked well. In New Orleans, for example, 67 percent of students attended failing schools before schools were placed in the statewide district in 2005. Today, after becoming operational in 2007, only 7 percent of students...

Paine College football team hopes to have city behind it in home opener

...opportunity to have a true quarterback competition anymore," Ruffin said. "When I played, you had three weeks of camp before school started. Now, we get one week and then school starts. How much competition do you actually get?"Ruffin said he...