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Ads on City Hall possible in Las Vegas

...has a mayor who would love to be the spokesman for Beefeater Gin. Now, the city is looking at selling space to considering using his likeness as the sponsor for Beefeater Gin. Councilman Larry Brown said the idea of allowing the...
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More doughnut shops eyed

...conglomerate Allied Domecq PLC, which also owns Baskin-Robbins brand ice cream parlors, Togo's sandwich shops, Beefeater gin, Sauza tequila and Kahlua liqueur. Dunkin' Donuts stores are concentrated primarily in the northeastern states...
Aiken Trials carry tradition

...West Side Bowery bartender John Warren didn't know who had ordered the outdoor bar with Maker's Mark bourbon and Beefeater gin, but he couldn't complain. In an hour, his tip jar was full. At 1:30 p.m., as thoroughbred horses began...