A call for vigilance

Dr. Ben Carson probably is too smart, soft-spoken and thoughtful to ever be president in this day and age. For reasons known only to the masses, the American electorate seems to prefer sarcasm, snark and shrill...

Prognosis unknown

...place our bet.The CBO revelation hardly instills confidence in a horribly flawed health care law that is supposed to be President Obama's crowning achievement.Moving the Obamacare needle from "positive" to "unknown" could be dismissed as a...

William Ellis

...1965. He retired from C&S National Bank of Augusta after 31 years (1985) with a break of one and a half years to be president of the Citizens State Bank on Peach Orchard Road, an affiliate of C&S. He then offered his services to the United...

NAACP candidates push different ideas

AIKEN -- One is pushing accountability, the other activism. Both want to be president of the South Carolina Conference of the NAACP. James Gallman, president of the Aiken branch, and the Rev. H.H. Singleton...

Aiken students shadow government officials

AIKEN - Julie Thome wants to pursue a career in politics when she gets out of school - maybe even be president of the United States, someday. So, the South Aiken High School junior was enthused when she learned she had been chosen to participate...

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Birthers' argument actually has weight

...evidence that Obama was not born in the United States and therefore does not meet the constitutional prerequisites to be president. Thirty-two percent of Republicans, 26 percent of independents and 11 percent of Democrats feel the birthers' argument...

Hillary has huge sense of entitlement

...presently known seekers of the presidency of the United States, it can be said that they all want to be president, feel they can be president and feel they would be a good president. Scrutinizing each candidate individually reveals an important...

School board vote for new president ignites controversy

...Now the 10-member board has two trustees claiming to be president, one ever-increasing racial split and four days before...black trustees who attended unanimously voted him to be president. The black trustees then voted Y.N. Myers Jr...

Clinton musings

...David Broder report the main impression of the diverse group is that everyone was unsure about the ability of Al Gore to be president. So they oppose the removal of President Clinton! (Who was it that said stick with the devil you know rather than...

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Book review: Vice President Gore, we hardly knew ye

...double-talking, unprincipled politician who wants to be president. The answer is definitely "yes" after reading about...Possum Hollow, Tenn., does not have the right stuff to be president. Zelnick found that Gore was politically molded by...

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