Rants & Raves

...North. Please bring French Market Grille to North Augusta. I WISH David Clark, the black Wisconsin sheriff could be president. That is the kind of man we need. FOR THOSE looking for the Herman Cain show, it is on WRDW radio, 1630 from 8 until...

Isiah Thomas to work as executive for WNBA's New York Liberty

...opposed to having any trepidation about it," Thomas said. "For me, I love basketball and having the opportunity to be president of a team and be part of a team is a great experience and I'm excited about it."After being fired, he remained...

As the coverage turns

...vindictive and venomous holy war."Holy war? Only those slavishly devoted to the idea that it's Hillary's "time" to be president would make such gymnast-level contortions to suspend reality.Good or bad, these devotees want Hillary. At any cost...

Paine trustees extend interim president's contract

...saved the college," Lawless said of Sullivan. "If he is able to keep student enrollment up, he should continue to be president as long as he thinks is necessary, in my opinion."The vote came after Lawless presented the board with a resolution...

Unready, set, go!

...Clinton's own party, those words speak volumes about her viability as a candidate.For someone who's wanted to be president for years and years, Clinton is appallingly deficient in the "what-I'd-do-if-elected" department. Her widely...

Rants & Raves

...has changed? CRUZ WAS BORN in Canada, and McCain was born in Panama. I don't see how Cruz thinks he's going to be president when he wasn't born in the United States. TO THE RANTER TALKING about Chuck Holes, You are right, that is while...

Rants & Raves

...accomplishment," Hillary Clinton said on March 11, 2014. Does anyone in their right mind really want this woman to be president? MY NEWSPAPER CARRIER is Roberta Mosley. She is retiring this month after 21 years of being a paper carrier. She...

Address this

...seriously if not for her concocted story of dodging sniper fire in Bosnia as first lady.Clinton doesn't deserve to be president of the United States. She doesn't deserve to be an assistant dog catcher.She deserves to be charged with violating...

Remove outdated act

...ashamed. There should not be applause unless the law is removed, and we black people have the same voting rights as any other American.Removing the Voting Right Act of 1965 could be President Obama's legacy.Cynthia J. SmithHephzibah

Across the region

...how his message of bipartisan cooperation sells."I feel like I'm ready to do this. I feel like I'm prepared to be president," he said. "Whether or not there's a pathway forward, I won't know until I try."Suspicious device halts...