BBB advises consumer on handling debt collectors - both legitimate and phony

...further. Find out whether they have a Web site or a BBB Business Review at bbb.org. Cross-check contact information and call them...the agency.If you do not owe the alleged debt, the BBB recommends doing the following:Don't ignore the...

BBB warns against false claims

...that deceives buyers by falsely claiming BBB accreditation and participation in a phony...protection program. There is no such thing as a BBB Purchase Protection Program, and any online...percent of all complaints. Consumers look for BBB Accredited Businesses and the BBB seal when...

Your Business
Hits BBB's complaint form policy

...troublesome experiences with three contractors and called the BBB. I was told complaints had to be filed in writing. This...writing to you because it's kind of obtuse to report the BBB to the BBB. Incidentally, I wrote for the complaint forms on Oct...

Opinion columns
BBB: Less talk, more action?

...here ... benign?In other words, the BBB seems afraid to call a spade a spade.Changes...bite that equals its bark, though.The BBB's "satisfactory/unsatisfactory" business...from identifying member businesses as "BBB Member" to "BBB Accredited Business...

Know a good deal when you see one

...groups ? Charity Navigator (charitynavigator.org), CharityWatch (charitywatch.org) or the Better Business Bureau (bbb.org/us/charity).You also can find the groups' IRS Form 990s at GuideStar (guidestar.org), or go to the individual...

Don't be bullied into falling for 'IRS' scam

...tax season, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is again warning consumers about a phone...demanding money and threatening jail time.The BBB is still receiving phone calls from local...demanding, hostile and insulting.The BBB wants consumers to know that the IRS will never...

Your Money: Resolve to spend wisely in 2015

...Better Business Bureau stands ready to answer questions and offer advice. REACH KELVIN COLLINS, THE PRESIDENT/CEO OF THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU OF CENTRAL GEORGIA AND THE CSRA INC., AT (800) 763-4222 OR WWW.BBB.ORG.

BBB advises consumers to beware of 'pinkwashing'

...amount.? Research the business. Learn more about the business you're purchasing from by checking their BBB Business Review at bbb.org.? Confirm the charity's corporate partners. Many national breast cancer charities list corporate...

Before donating, find information about charity

...programs and its use of funds. Look for a review of the charity on BBB.org.? If you are solicited at the mall or on the street, ask for...Central Georgia and the CSRA Inc., at (800) 763-4222 or www.bbb.org.

BBB phishing line used in scam

...the Web. Most of the e-mails carry the BBB torch logo and come with the subject line...Because of experiences such as this one, the BBB recommends the following to anyone who receives...Forward the e-mail to phishing@council.bbb.org.? Delete the e-mail from your inbox...