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...Baycol case goes to trial CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas - A jury began deliberating Friday in a $560 million lawsuit against Bayer Corp. over a cholesterol drug that was pulled from the market after being linked to dozens of deaths. The lawsuit - brought...
Bayer ads went too far, government says

...taking aspirin can prevent a heart attack? It can reduce some risk -- but not for everybody. The distinction is costing Bayer Corp. $1 million, the tab for a consumer education program announced Tuesday to settle government charges that Bayer's...
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Bayer triples production of Cipro

...Few people had even heard of Cipro a month ago. Now, Bayer Corp. is more than tripling its production of the drug...tested positive for exposure to anthrax. On the Net: Bayer Corp.:
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Science, industry economics, patients are boosting research on rare disease drugs - and hope research firm GlobalData.Other companies leading in the rare-disease field include Baxter International Inc., Bayer Corp., Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., Celgene Corp., Novartis AG and Novo Nordisk A/S.One financial model for rare...
Painkiller still potent

...acetylsalicylic acid, aspirin's active ingredient. Bayer Corp. soon was distributing aspirin powder to physicians...Weisman, director of medical and clinical affairs at Bayer Corp.'s consumer care division in Morristown. At a time...
Things to Do
Hope to get a swine flu shot at work? Not likely have it done at work. Everything's easier," said Tom Barclay, a 24-year employee of drug and chemical maker Bayer Corp. in Pittsburgh. "It's very convenient." The first swine flu vaccine should be available in the U.S. sometime...
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Area plant not linked with PPA

...brands containing PPA include Whitehall-Robins Healthcare's Dimetapp; Novartis Corp.'s Triaminic and Tavist-D; Bayer Corp.'s Alka-Seltzer Plus cold medicines; and Chattem Inc.'s Dexatrim diet pills. SmithKline Beecham's Contac...
Northwest beekeepers trying out new miticide

...from the EPA to let beekeepers in Washington, Oregon and Idaho use a new miticide on a beehive pest strip made by the Bayer Corp., the giant German company famous for aspirin. Bayer is working on a petition for full federal registration by the...
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`Seinfeld' finale advertisers paid record prices

...that as many as 90 million people will tune in for at least part of the show. John Payne, who oversees marketing of Bayer Corp.'s Advantage flea-killing solution for cats and dogs, said the "Seinfeld" finale gives him a chance to reach...
Golf notes: Notes, quotes and news from the world of golf

...but she did more than her fair share with 13 birdies in the Sarah Lee Classic, resulting in a $15,600 donation by Bayer Corp. to the American Heart Association in the Stroke Against Strokes campaign. The aspirin company gives $1,200 for...
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