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Shoes, eggs, coal and restless Arab states

...electricity, the lack of access to health care, the deteriorating quality of the air and water, the lack of other basic government services and the rising inflation rate.DEMONSTRATIONS ARE being held in your town on a regular basis, and the turnout...
Perdue warns little cash left for initiatives

...interest" is about as harsh as he gets in public putdowns. MR. PERDUE AND Mr. Harbin warn that the costs of basic government services including education and health care have grown as fast or faster than the revenue, leaving no cash for new...
Iraq victory is near; let's not blow it

...democratically elected leaders who will seek to provide them with physical and economic security, progress toward basic government services and a climate of peaceful diplomatic comity with their Middle East neighbors and the rest of the non-terrorist...
Burnettown name change is just the beginning

...Benson said a new name will come at a price for the town and its 2,700 residents - higher taxes to expand basic government services such as police protection, water and sewer lines. The matter has spiraled into a confusing and contentious...
A losing wager?

...about Obamacare, but much of the country surely will be ? especially as they see children and veterans denied basic government services.Republicans had to know going in that the left-leaning, Obama-lapdog media would do their best to portray...
Sanford, lawmakers get ready to discuss budget

...legislative leadership's reliance on one-time money, trust-fund dollars and sharply increased fees for basic government services in order to avoid a tax increase during the fiscal crisis. "The budget writing over the last several years...