Prison baseballs had drugs inside

...BRUNSWICK, Ga. -- Sometimes a baseball gets lost in the weeds. A...marijuana and other contraband in baseballs and throwing them over the...Armstrong had disassembled the baseballs at Armstrong's house in...distance and threw four white baseballs and a lime green softball...

Baseballs stolen from GreenJackets' stadium

Baseballs and gift cards were stolen Sunday at Lake Olmstead Stadium.Deputies...that they found a spray-painted drawing on the dugout wall. A dozen baseballs, valued at $100, were missing and $25 Subway gift cards were also...

Rose puts apology on baseballs

...they will fetch. The baseballs belonged to a memorabilia...died in December. Baseball's banished hits king signed the baseballs for some of his friends...signing them." The baseballs say "I'm sorry I bet on baseball" in block letters...

Baseballs spark family feud

...case, among the valuable baseballs signed by the likes of Babe...late father's treasured baseball collection.What has since...late father's autographed baseballs from the home of their widowed...more than 200 autographed baseballs" during a visit to his mother's...

Santana's rehab start draws a crowd and a different set of baseballs

...Historic Grayson Stadium. The baseballs used in the majors and minors...usual South Atlantic League baseballs were used when Augusta starter...Santana pitched, he used baseballs from Major League Baseball. The task of switching out...

Drug testing, power arms contribute to decline in home runs

...all those power arms in the bullpen or a lower strike zone, baseballs just aren't flying out of the park like they did a decade...could hit more than that."There are plenty of reasons for baseball's power outage, with testing for steroids getting the most...

Record-setting home run baseballs top offerings at sports auction

...When a slightly smudged Rawlings baseball left Montreal Expos pitcher Carl Pavano's...also will make 30-40 other coveted baseball items available. McGwire's 70th should...representing Ozersky and other owners of baseballs caught during the McGwire-Sosa home...

Other sports
Across South Carolina

...after he would not stop throwing baseballs at cars and people, Sheriff Harold Grice said. A man was throwing baseballs outside the Dillon Video Store on...Hester confronted the man, who threw baseballs and a bat at him, the sheriff said...

AL suspends pitcher for scuffing ball

...10-day suspension for scuffing baseballs. The Detroit Tigers pitcher...the right-hander doctored baseballs with sandpaper. Moehler...countered that scuffing is part of baseball, characterizing Tampa Bay's...There's not a pitching staff in baseball that doesn't have a guy...

MLB notes

...the seventh inning Thursday night after fans threw hats and baseballs onto the field following the ejection of Twins manager Ron...dugout. The fans responded by first throwing hats, then baseballs onto the field and chanting, "Gardy! Gardy!" Calm was...