On the move

...originally from Martinez, is a a research scientist in the Solvay Pharmaceuticals Drug Disposition and Safety Department. Barry Wheeler, from Wheeler Securities, has completed a comprehensive investment seminar held at AIM Management Group Inc. Leonard...

Merrill Lynch enters online arena

...commissions as low as they can. "I could go down to $5 a trade, but I'd lose money. I've got my limits," said Barry Wheeler, president of Wheeler Securities, an Augusta-based independent brokerage. What it costs Merrill Lynch, the nation's...

Taking chances can pay

...include it in their portfolios. The most important thing to look for in smaller companies is revenue growth, said Barry Wheeler, president of Wheeler Securities in Augusta. "Chances are you're not buying a small-cap stock for the dividends...

Nervous investors likely create October slumps

...train wrecks in the stock market," he said. Are we headed for one this year? "I don't have a clue," he said. Barry Wheeler, of Wheeler Securities, has a theory why October has a tendency to spell disaster for investors. He said he believes...

Monsanto merger canceled

...products companies, makes Advil pain reliever and Robitussin cough syrup. "It's a shocker," local stock broker Barry Wheeler said. "It was one of the larger mergers in history; for it to be called off is serious," he said. "It shows...

Stockbrokers: Market makes correction

...have been issued. "People are buying up the Treasury Bonds and the big Blue Chips because they're safe," said Barry Wheeler, president of Wheeler Securities in Augusta. "If you panicked (Friday) and sold, you made a boo-boo." Declining...

Martin Color-Fi stock hits low

...earnings. "Based on the performance and absence of announcements, it doesn't sound like it will be good news," said Barry Wheeler, president of Augusta-based Wheeler Securities. Company officials did not return telephone messages left Wednesday...

On the move: Forrester promoted

...Robert Ingham, of Ingham's Income Tax Service, recently attended an electronic filing seminar in Philadelphia. Barry Wheeler, Kathy Starrett, and Andy Finch, of Wheeler Securities attended the Franklin Templeton Presentation in Atlanta recently...

Web aids business communication

...Internet-type technology since the 80s. But now, they can get all kinds of information instantly using the net, said Barry Wheeler of Wheeler Securities. Annual reports, financial information, news releases are at the touch of a button. The amount...

Masters champion tried to follow rules

...went to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. The winning team, with a net 45, consisted of Jeff Hadden, Alex Rhodes, Barry Wheeler and John Tudor. Finishing second, at 51, was the team of Doug Weiss, David Westin, Pat Sizemore and Bill Hudson...

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