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...about Taiwanese cinema. KOKO: A TALKING GORILLA ($29.95, CRITERION): The 1978 documentary from director Barbet Schroeder is a remarkable portrait of a nonhuman primate. The film tells the story of gorilla Koko, a resident of the San...
'Desperate Measures' fails to reach dramatic potential

...the usual, standard, obligatory bankrupt action dreck: kinetic energy on autopilot. Too bad. The director, Barbet Schroeder, has made some good movies (Barfly, Reversal of Fortune, Single White Female). This time he's a hired gun...
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...the backdrop for some of cinema's more memorable moments. Here are a few favorites. BARFLY (1987): It took Barbet Schroeder nearly eight years to get this semi-autobiographical screenplay by infamous author Charles Bukowski made. Evidently...
Steven Uhles