No Syrian refugees for Georgia, Gov. Deal says

...will not accept Syrian refugees following Paris' deadly terrorist attacks Friday.The governor called upon President Barack Obama to suspend the program nationally as well."Further, I call upon the Obama administration to work with the Georgia...

Latest: Paris police raid targets suspected mastermind

...Seven people were arrested and two suspects were killed.___12:05 p.m.A White House official says President Barack Obama has been briefed on the law enforcement operation in a suburb of Paris. This is a French law enforcement operation...

Wholly lacking leadership

...need for defenses.How much longer can this go on? Until after our own Paris? Or would even that shock him awake?Barack Obama is rudderless and clueless, and America is leaderless.Thank God for the real leaders in the free world.

All of us should pray for Barack Obama

...know that our President-elect is Barack Obama. So, what now? Now, we need...down. For me, I will assume that Barack Obama is the man God has chosen for the...give this some thought: Maybe Barack Obama is God's starting place for the...

Barack Obama going down in flames

Barack Obama is going to lose this year's election and it won't even be close. He lost 13 out the last 15 primaries to Mrs. Clinton...

What is Barack Obama hiding?

...attorney general for Pennsylvania, filed a lawsuit against Barack Obama stating that Obama is not a U.S. citizen and therefore...outright ignored this request. Why? And why won't Barack Obama release his college thesis and college transcript...

Needless regulation

Barack Obama has wanted to extinguish America's most abundant and least expensive energy source ? coal ? since before he took his oath...

House GOP leaders reach budget deal with Obama White House

...Speaker John Boehner is making one final appeal to restive Republicans: Pass the hard-won agreement with President Barack Obama before Rep. Paul Ryan assumes the speaker's job later this week. But he encountered immediate resistance when he...

Biden won't run for president

...a challenge from the popular vice president. Biden announced his decision in the Rose Garden, flanked by President Barack Obama. Encouraged by Democrats seeking an alternative to Clinton, Biden had spent the past several months deeply engaged...

No checks, please: IRS no longer takes checks for $100M

...write multiple checks for less than $100 million apiece.Conservatives have been complaining for years that President Barack Obama is trying to stick it to the rich, regularly proposing to raise their taxes. Now, they say, the Obama administration...