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ATMs give out welfare benefits

...There were a few bobbles. Some cards were eaten by bank machines and card holders will have to contact the institutions, such as Wells Fargo, to run the bank machines, said workers at SunTrust and First Union banks. That...
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On the Money: Debit the halls?

...more vulnerable than those located at bank branches, especially those that are not in major chain stores. And even bank machines can have skimming devices attached. These devices vary from plastic gadgets slipped on top of the card slot to fake...
Across Georgia

...into Walgreens ATLANTA - After thieves crashed their way into three Walgreens stores in metro Atlanta and broke into bank machines in recent weeks, the company decided to remove all the cash from the ATMs. Bandits who used a stolen truck early...
Rita batters Gulf Coast with high winds and water

...essential services, inbound roads were already clogging Saturday afternoon. Most stores in Houston were closed, bank machines had no cash, and police were controlling the long lines at the few open gas stations. "Frankly the fuel is not going...
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Houston spared from Rita's wrath

...Land, southwest of the city, to Austin. What the evacuees were coming home to was unclear. Stores were closed. Bank machines had no cash. Police were controlling the long lines at the few open gas stations. The Houston school district and...
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The senior trip

...Mexico, where Cancun is located, includes warnings not to use ATMs after dark because of a rash of robberies at the bank machines. Medical facilities are usually good, but doctors and hospitals may expect cash up-front, and Americans may be...
Xtreme | North Augusta High School
Augusta to distribute benefits electronically

...excited as well," she said. "It's a whole new ball game for them. This is moving them toward self-sufficiency. It's going to be a lot of work, but we're offering to man the bank machines if necessary to help them with it."
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Aiken bank making changes

...South Carolina," he said. The company also has moved to install drive-up ATMs at many of its locations and put bank machines in nontraditional places, such as the Student Activities Center at the University of South Carolina-Aiken, a convenience...
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