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More bounced checks in December

...which you probably are. Imagine running from store to store with the checkbook while your significant other has the bank debit card. Neither of you knows exactly what the other is spending. The next day you sift through all the receipts, recording...
Rants and raves

...word, then maybe he should resign. A HEARTFELT THANKS and appreciation are extended to the individual who found my bank debit card at a service station. That person went the extra mile to go to my bank. There are still good folks here in this...
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Food stamp program goes electronic

...that "the paper era" of the Food Stamp Program will end this month. People will use a plastic card much like a bank debit card to make purchases. Food stamps are the cornerstone of the federal government's food assistance programs, but the...
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Pizza delivery man robbed

...male suspect fled into a wooded area behind the trailer with the victim's wallet containing a VISA check card, a bank debit card, $13 in cash, $40 in Pizza Hut currency, 2 pizzas, 1 order of breadsticks and a 2-liter bottle of soda.
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Congress moves to improve electronic food stamp program

...which prevents out-of-state transactions. Under the systems, a participant is issued a plastic card similar to a bank debit card, along with a personal identification number to access the account. Food stamp benefits are deposited electronically...
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Don't let someone steal your identity, through the mail, or on the Internet unless you know who you are dealing with. - Use a credit card, not a bank debit card, for Internet purchases. Your debit card numbers can be used to empty out your bank account, but you are only liable...
Small businesses: Lowering debit card swipe fees will help the bottom line

...Visa and MasterCard , which would have to figure out whether one customer was using a "big bank" debit card and another was using a "small bank" debit card.If the proposal to lower the swipe fee goes through, Kiel said, she would be ecstatic...
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ATMs let Sunday giving go high-tech

Eric Bradley usually goes online for his banking and pays for gas and groceries with a bank debit card. Now, he also can use his debit card to make donations at his church, Stevens Creek Community Church in Martinez. The church...