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Veronica Prickett

...Lona Williams Quince. Mrs. Prickett lived on the west coast for over forty years and was a jewelry store manager and a bank clerk in Los Angeles for many years. She had made Windsor her home for the past twenty-five years. Mrs. Prickett will...
Sherman Drawdy

One of Augusta's most prominent bankers of the 20th Century began his financial career as a bank clerk in Groveland, Fla., at the age of 17. He came to Augusta in 1936 as vice president and comptroller of Georgia Railroad Bank...
Opinion columns
Odds and Ends

...jacket. That's all it took. "He can count his blessings that he's still alive." * * * * ZAGREB, Croatia - A bank clerk didn't need a weapon to ward off a would-be robber. When the masked man pulled out a gun, she just laughed in his...
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Thumbnail sketches of Iraqi leaders

...regime or ridicule its slogans, the regime will break their necks!" Born in 1938 in Mosul in northeastern Iraq, was bank clerk and later junior army officer, joined underground Baath in 1956 and became close to Saddam. Although considered less...
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'X-Men' still tops list of superhero movies

...smartest of Jim Carrey's comedies, although that's not saying much. The rubber-limbed comic portrays a nebbish bank clerk who finds an ancient mask. When he puts it on, he turns into a manic hipster in a zoot suit who helps foil a nefarious...
Life & style
Kodak's fortunes uncertain

...horticulture hub of 90,000 back in 1881 when the young Mr. Eastman, engrossed in an arcane art called photography, quit his bank clerk job to perfect a set of home experiments that rapidly transformed a hobby into a mass commodity. Entering the 1980s...
Earnings not only job issue

...13-county area that includes Augusta. On an hourly basis, a restaurant manager makes $12.89; a waitress makes $3.68 without tips; a registered nurse makes $16.98; a receptionist makes $6.70 and a bank clerk makes $8.90.
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Gadhafi killed in hometown

...weapons and dancing under the old tricolor flag revived by Gadhafi's opponents.Mansour el Ferjani, 49, a Benghazi bank clerk and father of five posed his 9-year-old son for a photograph holding a Kalashnikov rifle: "Don't think I will...
At the Movies: 'Peter Pan'

...debut), a brash London girl whose spunk is at odds with the proper household her father (Jason Isaacs), a toady bank clerk, seeks to maintain with his loving wife (Olivia Williams). Peter - the boy who won't grow up, whose perpetually...
Mini reviews

...Mall, Augusta Exchange and Evans. BIRTHDAY GIRL (R) Nicole Kidman does standout work in this comedy about a British bank clerk (Ben Chaplin) who sends for a Russian mail-order bride (Kidman). Augusta Village. BLACK HAWK DOWN...