Here's why Americans are getting new credit and debit cards

...increase in fraudulent transactions made it clear more was needed. The American Bankers Association estimated that bank account fraud cost the industry $1.74 trillion in 2012, the most recent year for which data is available.WHERE AND WHEN...

Pretrial hearings paving way for trial of Augusta woman accused of exploitation of an elderly person

...patient by helping herself to the elderly woman's bank account is headed to trial next month.An Oct. 12 trial date...Sheppard is accused of taking more than $22,000 from the bank accounts of Ophelia Beard last year. Beard died Dec. 23, not...

Your Money: Five red flags to help you spot a lottery or sweepstakes scam

...large sums of money with no strings attached.You have to give personal information. Anytime someone tries to get your bank account number, Social Security Number or other sensitive information, that should be an automatic red flag. There is also...

On The Money: 5 things to consider about 529 plans

...alternative over time than simply socking away money in a bank account or certificates of deposit.Assets in 529 plans grew...investments have produced greater long-term returns than bank accounts. But taking the investment approach to saving for college...

Ex-coroner gets 3-year sentence for theft

...consisted of making 33 withdraws from a dead man's bank account. Tuten may be the latest in a string of public officials...however, disagreed. Tuten raided the victim's bank account 33 times. He took advantage of the living and the dead...

South Carolina's Revenue agency improving its programs to collect debt owed agencies

...other program is more extensive, with recovery methods that include garnishing people's wages and seizing money from bank accounts.Participating agencies had been able to send Revenue a list for collection just once a year. That's increased...

Scuttlebiz: My sensor of baloney has saved me again

...Southern accent.I also know that this is a common phone scam from thieves trying to pry personal information to empty my bank account at a time convenient to them.I asked her to slow down and repeat what she just said. So ... my name and phone...

Come to a full stop

...forgotten that the 9/11 terrorists ? none of whom were permanent, legal residents ? were able to rent homes, open bank accounts and board planes with their state-issued driver's licenses?Skilled attorneys can argue anything. The ones at...

Man accused in starvation of dogs released on bond again

...Crooms is accused of cheating a man out of a fishing boat with twin engines by giving the victim a $13,500 check on a bank account that had been closed, District Attorney Ashley Wright said Monday in a Richmond County Superior Court hearing.At...

SC team bookkeeper accused in theft

...says an officer was told Aug. 11 that the bookkeeper had opened an unauthorized debit card on one of the team's bank accounts. The person took about $100,000 between 2011 and 2015.The police report says the person has been fired.