...officials on a legal level with political dictators, Swiss lawmakers passed legislation allowing more scrutiny of bank accounts held by governing bodies and their leaders.The law passed on Friday, in a 128-62 vote in the lower chamber of...

Woman faces felony exploitation charges

A woman accused of helping herself to the bank accounts of an elderly dementia patient under her care will be...allegedly stole more than $22,000 from the resident's bank accounts over a three-month period, according to a press release...

How to Prevent Financial Relapse

...your net worth. Your net worth is simply the sum of all of your assets ? the value of your home, your car, your bank accounts, your investments, and so on ? minus all of your debts ? your mortgage, your car loan, your student loans...

Georgia Supreme Court OKs private probation

...fees. The justices closed the door on rearrest but left open garnishment of wages and liens against property such as bank accounts as ways probation companies can seek what they claim is owed them.Both sides had been unhappy with the outcome of...

Ex-Gulfstream officer arrested

...scheme, according to Ebadi.The Associated Press reported that another co-conspirator, who was authorized to handle bank accounts for phony companies and rented mail boxes where checks from Gulfstream were sent, is believed to run an Orange County...

Jury acquits former UBS executive in IRS offshore tax evasion probe

...provided U.S. officials with a vast trove of information that pierced the veil of secrecy that has long hidden Swiss bank accounts. Birkenfeld nevertheless served more than 2½ years in federal prison for his role in the tax evasion, but then...

UGA athlete accounts hacked

ATHENS, Ga. -- University of Georgia police said they are investigating a case in which thieves accessed the bank accounts of UGA athletes to apparently launder fraudulent checks.The two athletes learned of the scheme when they attempted...

Rants & Raves

...need to realize that is how politicians and businessmen transfer hundreds of millions of government dollars into Swiss bank accounts under the guise of "national security." SHAME ON MANIGAULT for leaving her newborn hidden in the car. A big rave...

Richmond County police arrest man for possession of firearm, drugs

...said.Makerson told deputies he runs a tax service and the debit cards were used to deposit money for people without bank accounts.Makerson received citations for having an open container and driving without a tag.

Barry Bonds' obstruction of justice conviction could be reversed

...perjury conviction of movie producer Samuel Bronston. When asked at a bankruptcy hearing whether he had any Swiss bank accounts, Bronston replied that the company had an account in Zurich for about six months.The Supreme Court voted 9-0 to...