Augusta gay pride group celebrates historic same-sex marriage ruling

...wife died in October, and her friend could not be added to the Georgia death certificate or access her spouse's bank accounts until Friday."What the Supreme Court did today was only right," Willbrand said. "It means gay couples can be...

Ex-court clerk indicted in Savannah

...transactions in at least two court bank accounts, but "was not authorized to...transactions in the Probate Court bank accounts for the benefit of herself or...the court into one of the two bank accounts maintained by the court and make...

Entrepreneurs bet on the smartphone to solve money problems

...users are middle-class earners making more than $30,000, says founder Ethan Bloch. With the Financial Solutions Lab, he hopes to bring Digit to low-income earners who don't have bank accounts and use prepaid cards instead.

In world of mounting fees, some stand out

...According to CNBC, a growing number of banks have adopted teller fees to encourage customers to make use of online-only bank accounts and features. These include PNC's Virtual Wallet account, which charges a $7 monthly fee if account holders want...

Mayweather ready to move on after richest fight ever

...Don't want any pictures of it."The check will soon be cashed, adding to the millions Mayweather already has in his bank accounts. It was actually just a down payment for his night's work, which could total more than $200 million by the time...

Bill Kirby: Augusta on most diverse cities list

...in general, diverse communities fare better with changing economic situations.THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Men are like bank accounts. Without a lot of money, they don't generate much interest.HOT ENOUGH FOR YOU? I guess you saw the story this...

Top cyber words for 2015

...more likely that they will have assets that can be reached (and seized) by this new order. Condos in New York, bank accounts and even bitcoins are now in the government's crosshairs. Even less formal groups, including terrorists and hacktivists...

Airbnb comes to Cuba in major expansion of US business on communist island

...sanctions, owners will depend on friends or business associates to receive payments from Airbnb in non-U.S. bank accounts.Collin Laverty, owner of Cuba Educational Travel, one of the largest firms organizing group tours to Cuba, said...

Mayweather, Pacquiao aren't throwing any barbs this close to the fight

...legacy and a country desperate for him to win, while Mayweather will be fighting to add to his already substantial bank accounts."At the end of the day my daughter can't eat no zero," Mayweather said of his unbeaten mark. "She can't...

Federal agency proposes new rules on payday loans

...obtain a "payday" loan to tide them over. Problem is, such loans can often bury them in fees and debts. Their bank accounts can be closed, their cars repossessed.The Consumer Financial Pro tection Bureau proposed rules Thursday to protect...