Need a reason to pay by phone? Apple, Google add new features

...With Apple Pay, which only works on the latest models of iPhones and the Apple Watch, users link a credit card or bank account to their iPhone.Once that's done, a user only has to hold the phone next to a device at a store counter. The phone...

Augusta gay pride group celebrates historic same-sex marriage ruling

...wife died in October, and her friend could not be added to the Georgia death certificate or access her spouse's bank accounts until Friday."What the Supreme Court did today was only right," Willbrand said. "It means gay couples can be...

Americans getting new credit cards with chips

...to cover any fraud that happened on their customers' payment cards. The American Bankers Association estimated that bank account fraud cost the industry $1.74 billion in 2012, the most year the data is available.The payment networks have set...

Entrepreneurs bet on the smartphone to solve money problems

...the users are middle-class earners making more than $30,000, says founder Ethan Bloch. With the Financial Solutions Lab, he hopes to bring Digit to low-income earners who don't have bank accounts and use prepaid cards instead.

Posthumous justice

...court to shamelessly sponging off a deceased man's bank account to the tune of thousands of dollars.He faces up to...office's revenue from tissue donations to his own bank account, rather than to the county's.Tuten's alleged...

Ex-Richmond County Coroner Grover Tuten pleads guilty

...he only took $3,000 from the bank account of Jerome Coleman to have the money...including an ATM card for Coleman's bank account that held $20,000, McKee testified...33 withdrawals from Coleman's bank account totaling $9,800. Only one bank...

In world of mounting fees, some stand out

...According to CNBC, a growing number of banks have adopted teller fees to encourage customers to make use of online-only bank accounts and features. These include PNC's Virtual Wallet account, which charges a $7 monthly fee if account holders want...

Bill Kirby: Augusta on most diverse cities list

...in general, diverse communities fare better with changing economic situations.THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Men are like bank accounts. Without a lot of money, they don't generate much interest.HOT ENOUGH FOR YOU? I guess you saw the story this...

Judge refuses to return funds to jailed ex-paralegal

...the firm and clients by writing checks to them, forging their signatures and depositing the checks into his personal bank account. Owen used the stolen funds to build a coin collection worth more than a half-million dollars. None of the money...

Woman pleads to stealing from employer

...Leading Edge Real Estate. Assistant District Attorney Pete Lamb said her employers discovered she'd used the company bank account to give herself extra pay and to pay her personal bills including her timeshare association dues and Verizon account...