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U.S. will honor its nuke ban treaty commitment

...The United States will continue to honor a nuclear test ban treaty despite its rejection by the Republican-controlled...Wednesday's 51-48 Senate vote against the Comprehensive Test Ban treaty -- far below the 67 needed to ratify -- "hurt us internationally...
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Supporters beginning drumbeat for Senate vote on test ban treaty

...wide-ranging Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty have taken action. Now, with a...effect. Supporters of the test-ban treaty say it would lock in U.S. superiority...nuclear-reduction pact. Politically, the test-ban treaty has become linked with Russian action...
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Administration presses for delay on test ban vote the Senate to put off voting on a nuclear test ban treaty headed for rejection, saying a defeat would endanger...He predicted certain defeat of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty if the expected vote Tuesday goes forward. Three Cabinet...
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Nuclear weapons plan gets flak from both sides

...exploding them. The president signed a nuclear test ban treaty in September. Two of the new plants would be built at...congressional Republicans, many of whom opposed the test ban treaty, continue to insist that the program doesn't go far...
Praises Senate for rejecting treaty

...exactly the right thing in rejecting the nuclear test ban treaty, which so many have said is flawed. I believe all year, and now they have it. Never mind the test ban treaty was a bad treaty! It won't be portrayed that way...
Kill test ban pact

...the Senate for a vote on the ancient 1992 nuclear test ban treaty, as a gambit to needle Republicans for not miscreants: "Trust, but verify." The test ban treaty can't be verified -- not in the '80s and not in the '90s...
Questions GOP vote on test ban treaty

Why is it that the political party that believes it has the exclusive right to decide right and wrong insists on playing ``win or lose'' with President Bill Clinton?Tom Zwemer, Augusta
World's fastest computer honored

...of atomic weapons stockpiles without having to conduct nuclear tests, which are prohibited by an international test ban treaty, Energy Secretary Bill Richardson said. In connection with the ceremony, which was packed with Energy officials and...
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Election hardly a moral victory

...Abu Ghraib torture on a few bad apples - refuse to join the International Criminal Court, or trash the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty? How much greed must we endure at the hands of Enron et al., or even greater tax cuts for the wealthy, while poverty...
People in the News

...actors Pam Anderson, Alex Baldwin and Andy Garcia. Heather Mills McCartney said 135 countries have signed the Mine Ban Treaty, but the U.S., Russia and China have not. "We've cleared 21 million meters of square land at Adopt-A-Minefield...
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