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Baldness pill approved

...Propecia, the first pill for male pattern baldness, a potential way for men both to grow...taking experimental doses for his own baldness. "People grew the kind of hair that...they're taking Propecia because the baldness pill may disguise the test results.
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Baldness pill doesn't help women

...Merck & Co. has bad news for balding women: That new baldness pill it's selling only works for the guys. Merck studied...the first pill ever to combat mild to moderate male pattern baldness, the most common type. Studies indicate that about half the...
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Researchers say stem cells could one day help cure baldness

...of stem cell could lead to a cure for baldness, a group of scientists says. The project...breakthrough. But they cautioned that a baldness cure is still some years away. "Like...year in the United States combatting baldness, mostly through hair transplants. On...
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Sales for first baldness pill disappointing

NEW YORK -- They've finally come up with a pill that prevents baldness. So why isn't it flying off the shelves? For one thing, men are reluctant to take a prescription drug when they're healthy...
Scalp cell transplant may cure baldness

...mind-blowing part," said Angela Christiano, a Columbia University baldness researcher who did the genetic analysis for the British experiment...had been achieved before only in animal experiments. Current baldness treatments include hair grafts and certain drugs. Drugs can...
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DNA suggests even ancient man had baldness issues

...revealed hints about his appearance and even an increased risk of baldness.It's the first genome from an ancient human, showing the...particular traits like eye color, blood type, and tendency toward baldness.As scientists link more and more markers to biological traits...
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New pill could give hair to bald men

...scalps in a vain attempt to beat back baldness. Cleopatra reportedly anointed Caesar...story of the development of the anti-baldness pill Propecia (finasteride) is fascinating...enlarged prostates, acne or male pattern baldness. Merck has spent years working on a...
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Weinke looking forward to season

Male-pattern baldness isn't the only evidence of maturation for Florida State quarterback Chris Weinke. A severe neck injury provided the 28-year-old...
More Than Skin Deep: Healthy habits for healthy hair

...Dear Scott: I am a 50-year-old female and I am experiencing excessive hair loss. I don't know if it is male pattered baldness or not. My hair was thick at one time but now it is very thin. My scalp is dry and itchy and my hair is dry too. I use a...
Viagra's cost potent

They haven't discovered a cure for baldness yet, but they have for impotency. Go figure. The benefits of Viagra, the new sex-potency drug, has been widely publicized...
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