Islamic State suicide bombs kill at least 17 troops in Iraq's contested Anbar province

BAGHDAD - As Iraqi forces gathered for a major new offensive to try to take back the sprawling Sunni heartland of Anbar province, Islamic...

Veteran's daughter turns pain over suicide into mission to help

...Merck of Evans died of a gunshot wound Oct. 20, 2005, in Baghdad, Iraq."Then one day, my mom and I had a long talk in the...Striker, part of what was then the Camp Victory complex in Baghdad."I was so angry, and at 15, a lot of it was immaturity...

Swap aid with diplomacy

...United States should work to bring the area back to the level of peace it had before.The old borders are not sacrosanct. Baghdad need not have rule over Anbar or Mosul, for example. In using arms in helping the Iraqi army, which is essentially Shia...

Islamic extremists committing 'cultural genocide' in cradle of civilization

...world's first empire from its base at Akkad, near present-day Baghdad. A few centuries later the Assyrians took control of the region...carted away safely to museums in London, Paris, Berlin, Baghdad and elsewhere. Otherwise, they too would have surely been...

Fraternity at the University of Florida is suspended

...twice a year for the past six years at the resort. Cope started the event in honor of her son, Joshua, who lost both legs in Baghdad in 2006 when a roadside bomb exploded under his Humvee.After the incident, Cope sent a letter to University of Florida President...

Iraq invites Blix, ElBaradei to Baghdad to speed up cooperation

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Iraq invited chief U.N. weapons...inspectors Hans Blix and Mohamed ElBaradei to Baghdad to discuss outstanding disarmament issues...in charge of the regime's heartland, Baghdad and the president's hometown Tikrit...

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U.S. troops prove they can move into Baghdad;

U.S. troops dashed inside Baghdad on Saturday, blasting targets nestled...militia suddenly surfaced in downtown Baghdad and Iraqi troops deployed at strategic...was being beaten back. // South of Baghdad on the Tigris River, Marines destroyed...

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Baghdad says will 'do our best' to give Blix what he wants

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Just days before a crucial round...senior Iraqi official said Sunday that Baghdad is "keen to resolve any pending issues...for support for military action against Baghdad. In his news conference, Amin, the chief...

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Biggest bombs yet strike Baghdad

The biggest bombs dropped on Baghdad so far - two 4,700-pound "bunker...of roads that lead from Kuwait to Baghdad, has been the scene of some of the...and a showdown in central Iraq over Baghdad was clearly drawing closer. With...

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Inspectors find 'positive' change in Baghdad, but only 'a beginning'

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Major U.S. allies tried to...and a changed "positive attitude" in Baghdad toward their job of ensuring Iraq is free...that Iraq's "game" is "over." The Baghdad meetings that ended Sunday were a prelude...

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