Jeb Bush in 2016? No

...approaching summer weather. He told the inspectors to get out immediately, then bragged about the "shock and awe" bombing of Baghdad and started the invasion of Iraq, beginning the killing of many innocents.It is enough now to know that inspections were...

Iraq invites Blix, ElBaradei to Baghdad to speed up cooperation

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Iraq invited chief U.N. weapons...inspectors Hans Blix and Mohamed ElBaradei to Baghdad to discuss outstanding disarmament issues...in charge of the regime's heartland, Baghdad and the president's hometown Tikrit...

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U.S. troops prove they can move into Baghdad;

U.S. troops dashed inside Baghdad on Saturday, blasting targets nestled...militia suddenly surfaced in downtown Baghdad and Iraqi troops deployed at strategic...was being beaten back. // South of Baghdad on the Tigris River, Marines destroyed...

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Baghdad says will 'do our best' to give Blix what he wants

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Just days before a crucial round...senior Iraqi official said Sunday that Baghdad is "keen to resolve any pending issues...for support for military action against Baghdad. In his news conference, Amin, the chief...

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Biggest bombs yet strike Baghdad

The biggest bombs dropped on Baghdad so far - two 4,700-pound "bunker...of roads that lead from Kuwait to Baghdad, has been the scene of some of the...and a showdown in central Iraq over Baghdad was clearly drawing closer. With...

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Inspectors find 'positive' change in Baghdad, but only 'a beginning'

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Major U.S. allies tried to...and a changed "positive attitude" in Baghdad toward their job of ensuring Iraq is free...that Iraq's "game" is "over." The Baghdad meetings that ended Sunday were a prelude...

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Inspectors to return for Baghdad meeting

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- The chief U.N. weapons inspectors will return to Baghdad on Feb. 8 for last-minute talks before their next...al-Douri nor Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz in Baghdad, who also reported the planned talks, said anything...

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Blix, ElBaradei open new round of Baghdad talks

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- U.N. disarmament chiefs went...very substantial" talks to find out what Baghdad did with stores of anthrax, nerve gas...with reporters afterward. The two days of Baghdad talks will shape the reports the chief...

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U.N. reduces humanitarian staff in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Half of the U.N. humanitarian...workers in all parts of Iraq -- not just Baghdad, the official said. The U.N. aid agencies...missions but relented as pressure mounted on Baghdad to show more cooperation with the inspection...

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Drive to Baghdad slowed by sandstorm, resistance

...attacked Republican Guard units defending Baghdad on Monday while ground troops advanced...northern part of the country was bombed, and Baghdad fell under renewed air attack by day and...Coalition forces are closing in on Baghdad," Maj. Gen. Stanley McChrystal told...

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