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Over 50 Years of Good Barbecue at Freeman's BBQ

...finger-licking-good ribs and the hash."People should come here because of the long-standing history," Christa explained. "Bad food doesn't survive 50 years. It should speak for itself."After so many years of business, being consistent is an accomplishment...
Stress takes toll on health of coaches

...and a weight room from the time he was hired in March until the start of school in August. He worked long hours, ate bad food and was diagnosed with diabetes during the summer."I was working, working, working, working, working," Ruffin...
Ted Ligety wins World Cup super-combined race

...couldn't keep up with the demand of athletes. Some even got sick."The worst thing that you can do is get some really bad food poisoning the night before your competition," Tran said. "That's four years of training kind of down the drain because...
Microwaves, big refrigerators contributing to bad food

Sometimes it's food which might even have been good if served fresh.
Bill Kirby
Public trusts grocers not to sell bad food

GREENVILLE, S.C. -- South Carolina consumers put their health in the hands of grocers because there are few rules requiring that food be labeled with expiration dates and stores end up policing themselves. Neither state nor federal rules require expiration dates for any foods other than infant formula and some baby foods. And stores can sell meat after the expiration dates have passed. At least 20 states require some food dating.
Management, franchisees agree: Hardee's needs better food

...which owns 340 Hardee's franchises, with a tad more diplomacy. Their agreement, even on a subject as negative as bad food, bodes well for the perenially fourth-place hamburger chain (behind McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's). For...
Dad finds tarnish on golden age of parenting

...father of a 5-year-old girl, he has a penchant for making fun of yesteryear's pop culture. His other books tackled bad food and bad home design. "I wanted to do something on parenthood, but the world doesn't need another goopy tale about...
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'Natural' ingredients can be bad for skin

...doesn't make it automatically good for skin; the reverse also is true - just because it is synthetic doesn't make it bad. Food-grade ingredients are not necessarily the best for skin, either, because often some fraction of the plant that has...
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Desolation Canyon: We need a plane - now!

...and the keeper hole, with Lisa and I on the side of the current. We won - the whirlpool spit us out, like a piece of bad food - and our raft spun free. "Great job, sweetheart! Good work, matey!" Roger was so happy he raised both arms high...
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Oldest known bank robber in U.S. history did it for fun

...became the oldest inmate in the Florida prison system. * * * * Rountree hated prison. There were too many rules and bad food. When he got out in 2002, he said he never wanted to go back. Approaching 90 now, he had a wheelchair but little else...
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