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Parents look to find unique, trendy names for babies name for boys, Michael is not on's top 10 list of most popular...Murray, the editor in chief of the BabyCenter Web site, says too much publicity about...than 40 percent of boys' names on the BabyCenter list end in either an "an" or "en...
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Social media increasingly important for military families

...has not stopped blogging, spending anywhere from two to three hours a day trading posts with mothers across the country on, a top pregnancy and parenting Web site.Last week alone, Bowling helped a mom from Spartanburg, S.C., decide...
Race is on to make first millennium baby

...a very busy time for deliveries," he said. The Web site is helping parents-to-be with Millennium Baby ovulation calculator and a due-date calculator. The BabyCenter Online Store also offers the Millennium Conception Kit...
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Home briefs

...on these Web sites:,,, and Unfiltered advice Not all furnace filters are created equal. The least expensive of the lot typically consist of...
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Net's Webby Awards reflect changing times

...outside validation of quality," Waldman said. Many of this year's nominees have become Webby mainstays. For example, BabyCenter, the children's store, has been nominated five straight years, while this is the fourth straight year for humor site...
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Lawyer-mother: 'parent savvy' about finances comes after research

...which also covers child care, balancing work and family, and selecting doctors. The book was done in conjunction with "After that tax chapter, I set up dependent care accounts," she says with a laugh. Until she did the research...
News you can use arrives. Talk to him reassuringly and comfort him to keep him calm. Though you might be tempted to give your baby acetaminophen (Tylenol), it won't lower a temperature caused by heat stroke. Source:
Sitting safely the card in order to be notified by the company if there is a recall. Consumers can also check online at sites such as for recalls. - If you inherit a used car seat, be sure the stickers with manufacturer's numbers are intact so that...
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