What gift does a woman get on her 28th anniversary?

...the Stone Age ran for millions of years before ending several thousand years ago. Pebbles Flintstone was born in 10,000 B.C. But the dinosaurs shown on the program last breathed at least 65 million years ago, so Fred Flintstone had more problems...

Confederate flag rally in Minnesota

...from a group called "Minnesota 10,000 for Southern Heritage" estimates about 25 people will be there.Rally organizer B.C. Johnson says the group wants to "annihilate hate" from association with the flag, which he says represents Southerners...

Everything I know about Greece I learned in the ninth grade

...early horses had lost those long before the fourth century B.C. (See how much of high school we all carry around in our...Greek victory over Persia in the Battle of Marathon in 490 B.C. ? the first marathon. We learned about the Battle of...

Tiger Woods considers playing in Charlotte tournament

...Woods has played just three other PGA Tour events with a weaker field ? the 2011 Frys.com Open (24 points), the 1996 B.C. Open (28 points) and the 1996 Quad City Classic (32 points).STAT OF THE WEEK: Troy Merritt was No. 180 in the...

Medicaid isn't perfect, but we must invest in citizens' good health

Fraud and abuse seen in health care generally is the domain of administrators of the system, not those who need the care.

Property transfers

...Dunagan to Wilbert L. Gallop, Deed recorded at Deed Book B1474 Page 639, Lot 22, Block G, East ViewRobert Parrish Jr. to B&C of Ohio LLC, 2417 Persimmon Road, Lot 19, Block E, Fruitland Estates, $80,000Bank of America National Association...

Biblical soap opera enjoying success in Brazil

...into second place, network officials said. In one recent episode, a male character based on the historic 13th century B.C. Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II held vigil over the deathbed of his fictitious wife, Maya, after she was poisoned by a jealous...

Islamic extremists committing 'cultural genocide' in cradle of civilization

...BROKE a few weeks ago that ISIS had struck Dur-Sharrukin ? "Sargon's Fortress," a sprawling palace built in 717 B.C. by Sargon II of Assyria (no relation to Sargon the Great of Akkad) ? something inside me snapped.I had been wanting...

Should years be B.C. or B.C.E., and A.D. or C.E.?

...conventional designations of years as B.C. ("Before Christ") or A.D...references to the birth of Jesus Christ were B.C.E. ("Before the Common Era...has campaigned for Congress to make B.C. and A.D. America's official system...

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Award-winning creator of 'B.C.' cartoon dies at 76

...Johnny Hart, whose award-winning B.C. comic strip appeared in more than...Sunday. "He died at his storyboard." B.C., populated by prehistoric cavemen...California home. "He was totally original. B.C. broke ground and led the way for a...