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Fishing for fun? Take the whole family out

...breaking all around the boat and all the rods going down continuously for an hour. I just set the trolling motor on automatic pilot and all I did was bait and net. There were so many fish it didn't matter which way we went. Gary Albrecht brought...
So many captains, so few cups

...putt and every swing. "A lot of times, I've hit shots and putts that I don't remember hitting because I'm on automatic pilot." RUDE WELCOME: Annika Sorenstam didn't start playing golf until she was 12, although she was around the game...
Getting 'Fair Lady' to the stage not easy

...nerves with this as I get when I have a big case coming up. I'm hoping by the time we open I'll be doing this on automatic pilot." For Catherine Stapleton, who plays Ms. Doolittle, the secret has been to make the script and score her constant...
Dangerous roadsides give false security

...diverge), according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics. "When people drive, they're on automatic pilot, particularly if it's a route that they travel regularly," AAA spokesman Montill Williams said. "They might...
One Tech lock and a surprise

...first two majors. Kuchar blitzed his overwhelmed foe Jamie Broce Wednesday, one-putting the Oak Hill greens with automatic pilot repetition and being able to head home before 1997 finalist Joel Kribel could tee off. And if you're a devoted...
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High-priced PC soon to be a thing of the past

...a computer-instruction class. If you're not sure how to do something, you can ask the computer to shift into automatic pilot. The cursor will move as a calming voice supplies step-by-step instruction. A Personal Guide answers questions...
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Can this marriage be saved?

...sacrificed. It doesn't have to be that way. "Couples get locked in ritual dances," she adds. "They operate on automatic pilot, without realizing they have alternatives. Yet, if you could interrupt the dance, your partner would have to shift...
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Mir repairs delayed a week to allow for practice

...colleagues if necessary. NASA officials said Foale hadn't been trained to fly the Soyuz, but knows how to operate its automatic pilot if he has to. Aboard Mir, the crew continued efforts Friday to fix another problem - the failure of gyroscopes that...
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Kim Clijsters loses final singles match of her career for so many years <0x2014> you don't think about it when you're in it; you're kind of on automatic pilot. ... Now that I think about it, it's been a crazy rollercoaster at times, as well."
Teens getting wrong message, judge says

...hoped that parents understood from his presentation how important their jobs are. "Parenting can never be put on automatic pilot. There are no days off," he said. "Every missed opportunity to mentor a child subjects a child to dramatic and...
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