Wal-Mart teams up with AutoInsurance.com to offer price comparison shopping for auto insurance

...one-stop shopping to another area: auto insurance.The world's largest retail er has teamed up with Auto Insurance.com to let shoppers quickly...months.Shoppers can log on to Auto Insurance.com or access the site through...

Uber's popularity surges; business travelers avoiding taxis

...Both Uber and competitor Lyft insure their drivers during paid rides and also require the drivers to carry personal auto insurance that covers them the rest of the time.Uber has faced criticism that its employees inappropriately accessed customer...

Gov. Deal signs bills regulating ride-hailing in Georgia

...background checks through the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. The Kansas Legislature also wanted Uber to hold additional auto insurance coverage for the period in which drivers have turned on the mobile app.Georgia's new mandates require $1 million...

Around the block

...present a Smart Driver Safety Program at 9 a.m. April 7 at Patriots Park.Participants may be eligible for an auto insurance discount.Registration is required, but membersship in AARP is not. Registration is $20.For more information...

Auto insurance costs driven by risk factors

...insurance. Today we'll review how to save money on auto insurance. The business of providing insurance is based essentially...vehicle -- you can substantially reduce the cost of auto insurance. Given the age and mileage of your vehicle, there's...

Your Business
Auto insurance reform at hand

...sweeping reforms in the state's auto insurance laws take effect Monday, and...As a result of the new laws, auto insurance companies have flocked back to...Palmetto State. Since October, 30 auto insurance companies have registered to operate...

How to cut your auto insurance rates

...percent a year. The reason: Most auto-insurance companies charge identical liability...about 30 percent of the personal auto-insurance market has liability prices that...dozen factors that influence your auto-insurance premium," said Brian Sullivan...

Inside Insurance: Take a look at the auto insurance ID card

...about? If you have a Georgia Auto Insurance Information Card handy, please...smaller type, is the name of the auto insurance company above the policy number...it's recommended to have your auto insurance ID card in your vehicle at all...

Auto insurance could rise

...database of about 6.5 million drivers to track who has auto insurance. "Hopefully, it will make it easier to enforce...highest-to-lowest ranking of the average cost of auto insurance by state (including the District of Columbia...

Claims auto insurance article one-sided

The Oct. 26 auto insurance article by staff writer Meghan Gourley appears to support only the insurance industry point of view. Perhaps your investigative...