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Beasley holds North Augusta town meeting

NORTH AUGUSTA - Helen Johnson is concerned about rising auto insurance rates in South Carolina - concerned enough to tell the governor. On Monday, the longtime North Augusta resident got her chance as Gov...
Tackle S.C. car rates

...Every year South Carolinians hope for relief from auto insurance rates that are among the South's highest. Lawmakers...they bought insurance. This would be beneficial; auto insurance rates are so high because many drivers - especially those...
Insurance: Reform law not factored in

...South Carolina don't have the country's lowest auto insurance rates, but they don't have the highest, either, according...national study until 2001, she said. A state's auto insurance rates are shaped by its regulations, its population...
S.C.'s largest auto insurer wants rate increases

...State Farm writes nearly one third of the auto insurance in South Carolina. The insurer wants to reduce commercial auto insurance rates an average of nearly 13 percent, while increasing them an average 5.9 percent for private automobile insurance...
State Farm Lowers Georgia Rates

...March 9, the insurance company is lowering your auto insurance rates.Here's the tip of the day:Effective March...insured by State Farm.How do you save on your auto insurance rates? Write in to The Pinch to let me know.
South Carolina auto insurance rates drop slightly in survey

COLUMBIA - The cost of insuring cars in South Carolina dropped slightly in 1995, a national survey says. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners reported the average spending on auto insurance liability and physical damage policies in South Carolina fell from $681 in 1994 to $676 in 1995. That dropped South Carolina's national ranking from 25th highest nationally in 1994 to 28th the following year.
How to cut your auto insurance rates

NEW YORK - Car owners could be paying higher insurance rates because of sport utility vehicles and it could be worth your while to shop around if you drive a smaller vehicle.
Across Georgia

Home, auto insurance rates are on increase ATLANTA --- As Georgians struggle to cope with...Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on its Web site Saturday. Auto insurance rates are rising but not quite as steeply. The median rate increase...
Save on insurance with these 2012 vehicles has released a survey with the least and most expensive 2012 model vehicles to insure.After comparing auto insurance rates for more than 900 vehicles from six large carriers, the survey found the Toyota Sienna LE to be the cheapest for...
Perdue OKs budget

...what is his final day to consider legislation passed this session, including one that critics say could boost auto insurance rates in the state. Seventeen bills were vetoed, down from the 41 he rejected last year. Mr. Perdue also left his...