Austin Rhodes wins Rotary journalism honor

The Augusta West Rotary Club on Thursday awarded its 2014 Louis Harris Award to Austin Rhodes, an afternoon radio talk-show host on WGAC.The club has presented the award annually since 1979 to honor the memory of Harris...

Don't like Austin Rhodes? Turn him off

...letter calling for the firing of Austin Rhodes ("Divisive radio host has got...Bill O'Reilly and, yes, even Austin Rhodes - I've had issues with what...right to their own opinions. Austin Rhodes is an American citizen, and has...

Austin Rhodes chat postponed

The Augusta.com chat scheduled for 2:00 p.m. today with Austin Rhodes has been postponed due to technical difficulties. Once the technical issues are resolved, a new day and time for a chat with Mr. Rhodes will be announced. We aplogize for any inconvenience.

Blasts Austin Rhodes' Hitler remark

...a whirlwind of evil swept the Earth and its horrors are still felt today. To compare anyone to Adolph Hitler, as Austin Rhodes recently did on his radio program, is totally unacceptable. Any such comparison implies Mr. Hitler was not so different...

Opinion columns
Austin Rhodes' restraining order against House District 122 candidate, 2 others upheld

...against a state legislative candidate and two of his associates that had been granted to local radio talk show host Austin Rhodes last week.Rhodes, who hosts an afternoon talk show on WGAC-AM (580) radio, sought and was granted a temporary...

Sylvia Cooper leaves mark on Augusta

...community loves her, and how she stands out among her peers in Augusta journalism as one of the best, ever. Thank you for your efforts, Sylvia. The beat will be reassigned, but the reporter will never be replaced! Austin Rhodes, Martinez

Rhodes falls behind curve on CSRA

Regarding Austin Rhodes, the talk-show clown and part-time resident: Wednesday's editorial about Austin Rhodes the part-time Augusta resident radio blowhard hit the nail right...

Opinion columns
Racists come in more than one color

If the comments made by radio hosts Don Imus and Austin Rhodes were racist, what, then, is "racism"? It is considerably...Jackson and the NAACP need issues such as Don Imus and Austin Rhodes to raise sand about; it sustains them. It gives them...

Divisive radio host has got to go

...station WGAC's talk show host Austin Rhodes, and the poison he spews daily...was no need for changes. ... Austin Rhodes must go. His time is out. We...in our city. And if there are Austin Rhodes wannabes, then they must go too...

Cartoon unfairly chided candidate

...for Superior Court judge. Why not depict radio host Austin Rhodes blathering to his wife in your illustration? Obviously...care about the opinions of The Chronicle or those of Austin Rhodes. C.E. "Skip" Hopson, Evans