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Board boosts voice of public

...exit Bobby Jones so that they don't try to merge abruptly to the left. The idea is being considered by Augusta's Public Works Department. Mr. Croll said he has stayed involved with the committee for a decade because of the need for residents...
Road will clog transit station

A planned extension of St. Sebastian Way in downtown Augusta is designed to help motorists avoid train tracks at 15th Street. But there's just one problem: an entryway to Augusta's main public transit transfer station happens to be in the way.
Bridges in Augusta need help

...Berckmans Road bridge "have failed and should be cleaned and sealed." Teresa Smith, the director of Augusta's Public Works Department, said the findings don't mean a bridge is unsafe. It simply means work needs to take place to have the...
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North Augusta prepares for riverfront work

Mark Singh, who works in the Lamar Building downtown, says he enjoys the convenience of taking a nearby stroll during his lunch break at Riverwalk Augusta.
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Officials request more money

Four sites, one judicial center and as much as $40,000 now recommended for environmental studies and possible legal fees.
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DOT officials propose cameras on I-20

...transportation command center, which Mr. Griffith said is set to be constructed by June 2005. In the meantime, Augusta's Public Works Department will consider whether the equipment can be placed in a current public works facility so the cameras can...
I-20 bridge, others need repair

Augusta's Savannah River bridges aren't falling down, but they're not in tiptop shape either.
Eroding confidence

The city of Augusta's Public Works Department is more than a day late and a dollar short in dealing with a ravine area off Windsor Spring Road in Hephzibah - it's months late...
Cave-ins too many to cure quickly

Teresa Smith says road cave-ins have become such a big problem in Augusta, her public works department can't respond to them quickly enough and now needs the help of a contractor.
Metro | Augusta-Richmond County Commission
New Augusta logo is not what we need

Does Augusta's Public Works Department not have enough to do? Are there not more pressing budgetary concerns? Apparently, some Augusta commissioners think not. On...
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