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Candidate qualifying begins in Hephzibah, Blythe, Chancey said. Paying the $108 fee to run for mayor was Brent Weir, she said. Weir is a member of Augusta's planning commission who has managed campaigns for area politicians. Qualifying for the three posts runs through 4 p.m. Friday...
Haunted house parking plan gets initial OK

Augusta's planning commission on Monday approved a 200-car parking area behind the Plantation Blood haunted house in south Augusta, to the continued irritation...
Increased parking is scary

I am still striving to understand where members of Augusta's planning commission were hiding their collective common sense when they gave a temporary permission slip for more parking to the Plantation Blood haunted...
Flood fund will add greenspace

...purchased and then destroyed. "And I'm sure there are that many more out there," said Terri Turner, of Augusta's Planning Commission. But exactly how many of those homes will be replaced with greenspace in the years to come to prevent flooding...
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Agency targets transit routes

Carolyn Beard has witnessed firsthand the lack of transportation options outside downtown Augusta for those making the transition from welfare to work.
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Road upgrades put homes in jeopardy

Ann Clyde says she isn't against progress. She's just concerned about losing her house and front yard.
Council OKs look at its land use plan

...incorporate developers in the city interested in changes. The meetings will be open to the public. North Augusta's planning commission and city council will approve the final plan. "These people have availability to information that will keep...
Augusta draws pricey builders

There's a whole new breed of apartments arriving in Augusta.They're wider. They're taller. They have lots of hidden features.
Subdivision reaches agreement on hotel

...their agreement, having no back lighting, will reduce light that could reach Kingston, said George Patty, Augusta's Planning Commission director. The fence should also deter people from "jumping the fence," a concern of some residents. Mr...
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Panel grants OK for action

...problem with the clubhouse plan is the parking issue and not the Rae's Creek flood plain. On March 24, Augusta's Planning Commission denied a parking variance for the clubhouse, saying the current number of parking spaces for the expanded...