New VA director hears patients' complaints at town hall

...to him losing 20 pounds because he had not slept or eaten in four days.The first question for Andrews came from Augusta veteran Lisa Collins, a former member of the Army Security Agency who had multiple artery blockages identified in her upper...

Augusta veterans remember Vietnam buildup 50 years ago

A half-century ago, President Johnson made the decision to send U.S. combat troops to Vietnam. Three Augusta area Vietnam War veterans shared their stories of the long, costly conflict.

Macon, Ga., pastor wins Augusta VA's resident chaplain of year

...chaplain of the year.The first-time award was dedicated to Charlie Norwood, the late congressman for whom the Augusta Veterans Affairs Medical Center was named in 2008.Lewis, 52, was left speechless."My No. 1 goal is to encourage and...

Isakson touts VA overhaul as answer to Augusta's problems

...Outlining the benefits of a $16 billion reform package he helped negotiate last month, Sen. Johnny Isakson told Augusta veterans Tuesday they can expect more accountability, shorter waits and better health care at the Charlie Norwood VA Medical...

Augusta VA reports more adverse incidents in care

...wait times for veterans initially showed that 26 Augusta veterans waited at least 90 days for an appointment and that...appointments.The latest figures released Thursday show 63 Augusta veterans now wait at least 90 days and only one new enrollee...

Augusta veteran fears disability benefits may be revoked

The VA has reopened Jesus Martinez's claim after 17 years and is "strongly encouraging" the Vietnam veteran to send any information and evidence in support of his disability.

Augusta veteran receives mortgage-free home

...Michael McKinney and his family have always lived with change and instability.That is, until Friday, when the Augusta veteran and his mother, Velma Folkes, a two-time cancer survivor, became the first people in Georgia to receive a mortgage-free...

New PTSD report documents known lapses in veteran care

...memory that led to more than 35 years of post-traumatic stress from his short-lived service in the Air Force.The Augusta veteran has had nightmares and flashbacks of a head-on vehicle collision he witnessed outside the Upper Heyford Royal Air...

Augusta veterans turn to Rep. John Barrow to get Veterans Affairs disability benefits

...repaired an abnormally large vein that had formed in the Augusta veteran's scrotum, but Grant, 69, now says the swelling...There are too many veterans getting the runaround."Augusta veteran Ollie Washington, 63, said he his working on his...

Documents show difference in pay for ex-chief at Charlie Norwood Veterans Affairs Medical Center

...The $15,000 boost in salary Stapleton received was enacted April 5, 2011, one month after the first of three Augusta veterans died while the hospital delayed more than 4,500 gastrointestinal procedures, the letter stated.According to another...