Rants & Raves

...detectors to the protected area. Plant management, security officers and anybody, no matter your status. To the Augusta government, because your employees have a background check, let's prove they can get through the detectors like everyone...

Echols announces exit from District 7 special election

...with a runoff," he said.Harris said lifelong Augustans know he'll continue to "inject some common sense" in Augusta government, and said he hadn't obtained a city gas card to traverse the relatively small District 7.Pittman, who like...

City Ink: Politicians stuffed with favors at potluck

...Fred's fault. HARDIE'S ENTRANCE INTERVIEW: Q; Mayor-elect Davis, you have said you'll be the CEO in Augusta government. What do you think CEO stands for?A: Chief Executive Officer.Q: No, no, no! It stands for Chief Eunuch...

Activist to speak to commissioners about policing of handicapped parking

...facilities.Hollobaugh said the sheriff's office's complaint-driven approach is "discriminatory" because Augusta government is not making services available to protect the disabled, as required under the federal Ameri cans with Disabilities...

Housing, community development director Chester Wheeler resigns

...Wheeler hada prior business relationship.A former tailor, restaurateur and Macon housing official prior to joining Augusta government in 2007, Wheeler did not return a call seeking comment.

Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver foiled again

...consolidation, panelist Terry Elam, Augusta Technical College President, said what everybody knows is true about Augusta government."What we designed was a 50-50 split of power," he said. "That's the way it was designed. If you want...

Augusta Commission calls off search for administrator after failure to reach consensus on finalists

Augusta government remains under the direction of two interim city administrators after commission members failed to agree to support either of two...

The Chronicle delivers award-winning quality every day

...today's paper as Lisa tells us about the recipient of a surprise retirement party at First Presbyterian Church.Augusta government reporter Susan McCord won first place in the hard news writing category.Susan keeps an eye on your city government...

City administrator candidates talk strange line

...effectively and challenges conventional thinking." She wouldn't have much conventional thinking to challenge in Augusta government.Rodriguez is "honest, smart and a good problem solver," which is a big plus because we know the names of 10...

Rants & Raves

...to try to help out, so give the poor animals a break. Is it time for a new director? I think so! THE CITY OF AUGUSTA government should not feel bad about its incompetence. The same scenario is playing out at the federal level.