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...Monday, Aug 31, 2015 By Susan McCord | Saturday, Aug 29, 2015 Augusta-Richmond County Commission Augusta commissioners said Mayor Hardie Davis' request for a city car was poorly timed. The bonds, issued by the Augusta Urban...

Augusta Public Transit | The Augusta Chronicle

...Friday taking popular Route 6 through downtown and south Augusta to the transfer stop by the Deans Bridge ... Augusta commissioners and city staff started interviews Monday for the position of transit director. Don't Miss

Augusta's finance committee deletes mayor's SUV request

Augusta commissioners said Mayor Hardie Davis' request for a city car was poorly timed.

Rants & Raves

...resourcefulness, kindness, responsibility, respect, volunteering to do charitable work and more. Who do the Augusta commissioners think they're kidding? If you've demonstrated that you can't properly manage the tax money and junk fees...

Medical College of Georgia Foundation's medical district gateway project bogs down

...Administrator Chester Brazzell, assigned the project after starting work for the city in May.Brazzell, who gave Augusta commissioners a detailed presentation Tuesday on the projects status, said environmental issues have been resolved, as have...

Stakes high in Hephzibah, Blythe races

...local option sales tax 7 wasn't missed by Augusta commissioners.Some $1.9 million in the $215.5 million...anyone talk about the upcoming elections.While Augusta commissioners hope to increase support for the SPLOST in the...

Commissioner Sammie Sias defends work at Jamestown Community Center

Augusta Commissioner Sammie Sias is pushing back against allegations of mismanagement at Jamestown Community Center he expects Commissioner Marion Williams...

Gold Cross wins in Augusta's appeal of zone award

...Cross provides phenomenal service," he wrote.The order settles a matter underlying an ongoing debate among Augusta commissioners over whether to terminate the contract with Gold Cross, now that the firm is entitled to operate in Augusta regardless...

End ambulance contract

I support Augusta Commissioner Sammie Sias' motion to do away with ambulance provider Gold Cross' contract. Commissioner Marion Williams acts like he has a...

City has a spending itch

...voted to designate it as an enterprise fund.Augusta commissioners are said to be privately discussing the unthinkable...expect to take it on the chin again. But the Augusta commissioners have pushed us so close to the millage rate cap...