Georgia Inspector General refers Donnie Smith case to Attorney General's office

A state probe into allegations former Augusta Commissioner Donnie Smith moonlighted for a hospitality company while drawing his Georgia State Patrol salary will be reviewed by the state...

Paved areas disgraceful

...editor is a first step in efforts to draw attention to miles of disgrace where we live. Last year I wrote each Augusta commissioner and the mayor a detailed letter asking consideration for similar relief for south Augusta, and had not one reply...

Twisted justice?

Augusta commissioners recently gave a unanimous thumbs up to a new-and-improved contract with embattled private probation firm Sentinel Offender Services...

Double trouble

...request would raise eyebrows. But now ? with Augusta commissioners struggling to balance a budget amid declining revenues...taxpayer-funded allowance is too low?Davis told Augusta commissioners earlier this week the mayor's office historically...

Amendment seeks to revive commissioners' eligibility to submit contracts for city business

Augusta commissioners may be getting back in the city contracting business.An amendment to the city's ethics ordinance going for approval Tuesday...

Committee to study waiving Augusta commissioners' conflicts of interest

A measure allowing the Augusta Commission to vote to waive the city's conflict of interest policy and allow commissioners to do business with the city will get further study.

A metered response

...separate, $1 million to $2 million contract for citation processing.DDA Director Margaret Woodard has told Augusta commissioners that parking meters could net the city $3 million within 10 years.Is the prime motivation parking management...

Augusta Commission to review deal with Sentinel probation company

Augusta commissioners are to vote Tuesday on extending a contract with the private probation company that is ground zero for a legal battle over private, for-profit probation companies.

Beastly behavior

...and, by extension, the animals in her care.Augusta commissioners momentarily caught fire and demanded changes...possible out alive."What in the world has prompted Augusta commissioners to go to the mat for Sharon Broady, and to ignore...

Augusta woman takes civic duty to heart

...became a voter."No one will work harder or longer and be more enthusiastic and serious about her job," said Augusta Commissioner Alvin Mason, who got help from Woodley in his 2014 mayoral run. "You never have to worry about pumping her...