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Officials to meet about Hyde Park

...Management Branch, said he plans to meet with Augusta Brownfields Commission Chairman Charles Utley to discuss a IF YOU GO WHAT: Augusta Brownfields Commission Chairman Charles Utley will meet with representatives...
Hyde Park move would be optional

...optional and voluntary, according to the Augusta Brownfields Commission. "There is no requirement that any WHAT'S NEXT: The Augusta Brownfields Commission hopes to persuade the state of Georgia to...
Hyde Park study shows need to relocate

...Mr. Clark delivered his final report Wednesday to the Augusta Brownfields Commission, which wants to devise a plan to relocate about 500 people...Occupied homes 56: Vacant houses 123: Empty lots Source: Augusta Brownfields Commission
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Report revives call to move residents toxic waste. "There has to be a relocation plan looked at," said Charles Utley, the chairman of the Augusta Brownfields Commission, which applies for federal dollars to clean blighted areas. Mr. Utley, who shared the report Thursday...
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Hyde Park relocation needs detailed plan

...said Charles Utley, the chairman of the Augusta Brownfields Commission, which held a meeting on the issue Thursday...WHAT'S NEXT: Hyde Park residents and the Augusta Brownfields Commission will prepare a proposal for a government-assisted...
Augusta might get $300,000 to aid cleanup

...the Senate. The funds, if awarded, would supplement a $200,000 grant awarded several years ago to the Augusta Brownfields Commission through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, said Charles Utley, the local Brownfields Commission...
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Former eyesore is ready for use

...attractive enough to court industries looking for new places to call home, said Mr. Utley, the chairman of the Augusta Brownfields Commission. The commission secured grants to study contamination issues at the site and worked with Georgia's Environmental...
City seeks state help in cleanup

...Mr. Ballard, who bought the 10.8 acres from a bankruptcy trustee for $5,000, told members of the Augusta Brownfields Commission he plans to clean up the area himself using trucks to haul away the surface waste. He would not agree to...
Site owner rejects aid for cleanup

...defunct Goldberg Brothers junkyard from a bankruptcy trustee in December. Mr. Ballard met Thursday with the Augusta Brownfields Commission to discuss the fate of a $200,000 federal grant earmarked for environmental studies on the site to determine...
MCG controversy might be more about Adams than it is Athens

...owners with volunteers to beautify the area and make it livable again. During the meeting, he also accused Augusta Brownfields Commission Chairman Charles Utley of having conflicting interests in Hyde Park. "Mr. Utley, how many pieces of property...
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