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Georgia lawmakers debate easing gun laws for those treated for mental illness, which wants gun owners to have greater freedom to carry their weapons in public. John Monroe, an attorney for the group, said he did not believe the proposal would change how most judges operate. If judges check at all, they typically...
ID law's effects will be watched

...or afford one. Voting monitors will see how this new law affects voters, said Meredith E.B. Bell, an ACLU attorney for the group's Voting Rights Project. "Very few people are aware that this law has been put into effect," she said...
State fines dredging group nearly $494,000

...manager for the Bureau of Water. The dredging association will likely appeal the fines, said Stan Barnett, an attorney for the group. Dredging officials have denied that the work done between February and May violated state or federal permits...
Clergy take case to court

...constitutionality of electrocution. The court has halted all executions while it decides. On Tuesday, Emmet Bondurant, attorney for the group of clergy, told the seven-member high court that when the General Assembly changed the method of execution from...
Southern Co. profits wilt they were thinking of the best interest of Southern Company, not the ratepayers," said Randall Quintrell, attorney for the group. Hearings on that rate request will begin next month.
Across South Carolina

...Green Party nomination before the Democratic primary. The American Civil Liberties Union argued for Platt and an attorney for the group says there has been no decision whether to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Group proposing secession monument...
Authority concerned about new high school

...board can overturn its approval for the Goshen site and construction would have to cease, said Victor Hawk, an attorney for the group. In other business, the development authority approved principles to guide the authority in its dealings with...
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