The myths of Atlantis

LOS ANGELES - Atlantis has risen! You can find it in theaters beginning Friday. But where is the real Atlantis, if there is one? Some suggest it...continent for its animated adventure Atlantis: The Lost Empire.. "I think people...

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Disney does it again with 'Atlantis' game

Atlantis - or Atlantis light. You have a choice of games based on the delightful Disney...name. You can pop Disney Interactives' full-scale production of "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" into your PlayStation or PlayStation 2, or slide...

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Atlantis en route to Russian station after `gorgeous launch'

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Atlantis soared into a cool, clear sky Sunday...mates watched a videotaped replay of Atlantis' punctual pre-dawn liftoff. Mir was crossing the Galapagos Islands when Atlantis blasted off 2,400 miles away with...

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Atlantis returns to Earth in pre-dawn darkness

...CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- Space shuttle Atlantis and its crew of seven swooped through...illuminated the 3-mile-long runway as Atlantis emerged from the gloom like a ghost ship...soaring 240 miles above the Atlantic when Atlantis touched down. It will be visited by...

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Contact: Atlantis docks with Mir

...CENTER, Houston (AP) - Space shuttle Atlantis pulled up and docked with a mercifully...rendezvous, nor did anything else of note. Atlantis snuggled up to Mir as the spacecraft...computer failed at the last minute. Atlantis has a new computer for the 111/2 -year-old...

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NASA delays Atlantis crew homecoming

...prevented a safe landing by space shuttle Atlantis. NASA waited until the last minute before...satellite, the sky was too cloudy for Atlantis to attempt a tricky touchdown in darkness...objections and, just one day before Atlantis' Sept. 25 liftoff, cleared Mr. Foale's...

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Atlantis closes in on space station

...CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- Space shuttle Atlantis closed in on the international space...is due to end around noon on Friday. Atlantis' five astronauts spent their first full...feet in diameter and is stuffed into Atlantis' payload bay. Astronaut Marsha Ivins...

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Space shuttle Atlantis moved to launch pad

...Fla. -- NASA moved space shuttle Atlantis to the launch pad Thursday for a July...space station construction mission. Atlantis is due to take off no earlier than July...if necessary. NASA tried to transport Atlantis from the hangar to the pad on Wednesday...

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Strong winds ground Atlantis -- again

...stiff wind prevented space shuttle Atlantis from lifting off Tuesday on a mission...afternoon. NASA is in a hurry to get Atlantis and its crew of seven to the space station...Buckingham. Besides, Wednesday may be Atlantis' last launch opportunity for a while...

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Atlantis improperly attached to plane in cross-country flight

...dangerous mistake by workers, space shuttle Atlantis was bolted improperly to the top of a...cross-country trip. In the worst case, Atlantis could have fallen off the modified Boeing...problem was discovered last weekend when Atlantis was removed from the plane at the shuttle...

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