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Mayor Young's game, 'Let's make a deal'

...cronies run companies into the ground. They are given golden parachutes while 401k's disappear. The mayor is an astute politician. I suspect he knew that a white mayor could not fire a black fire chief, even if there was strong evidence of corruption...
Sen. Walker may seek changes to circuit

...Walker said. "If he puts his mind to something he usually gets it done. It may take awhile, but he's a very astute politician." Mr. Walker said the inquiry is an initial study and he will decide what to do following the Judicial Council's...
Hundreds gather to say farewell

...more than he let on," Dr. Bishop said. "He was basically an unassuming man, but obviously one of the most astute politicians of the century." Noting Mr. Thurmond's history as a segregationist, his nephew said Mr. Thurmond "made every...
Hunt's win rattles Aiken politics

...campaign, he picked up voter dissatisfaction with the way Sheriff Sellers had done business. Mr. Gossett said astute politicians shouldn't need an alarm. "They should be listening," he said. "Any good, smart politician needs to make...
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Laments city's treatment by guide

...signs as to the unauthorized use of that area for parking. You would think that the Chamber of Commerce or our astute politicians would see the value of allowing that parking lot to be opened on the weekends. That empty parking lot says a lot...
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