Perseids meteor shower peaks tonight, and it should be a good one

...see more of the oldest meteor shower known to Earth, the Perseids, when they peak 3 a.m. local Thursday, according to astronomers.That's "because the moon is almost new and there's no moonlight to mess with the show," said NASA meteorexpert Bill...

Astronomers expect a good show from Comet Hale-Bopp

...Michael Mumma, an astronomer at NASA's Goddard...size and brightness, astronomers can study it in more...Anita Cochran, an astronomer at the University of...Thomas Bopp, an amateur astronomer from Glendale, Ariz...its two discoverers. Astronomers were astounded that...

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Astronomers spot new solar system

...Wednesday at a meeting of astronomers who are conducting research...other than our sun. So far, astronomers have found almost 100 such...or bigger. Alan Boss, an astronomer at the Carnegie Institution...discovery of KH 15D gives astronomers a unique opportunity to gain...

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Computers help astronomers make new discoveries

...sound too exciting, but astronomers predict it will change how...Johns Hopkins University astronomer and the virtual observatory's...existing data. Already, some astronomers aren't sure that hoarding...necessity as opportunity. Astronomers are buried in data. Automated...

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Astronomers chase new theory of 'ghost galaxies'

...must be dark and cold, the astronomers reasoned. Thus, it is called...dark matter." Since then, astronomers have been scrambling to try...Institution of Washington astronomer and one of the original theorists...matter." Another team of astronomers found support for the Kormendy...

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Astronomers warn of collision potential with asteroid

...than any such object in modern times, astronomers said Wednesday. "The chance of an...are routinely observed and plotted by astronomers around the world because of their potential...collision potential will be generated as astronomers plot the course of the asteroid through...

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Astronomers gauge energy of stars

...Background Explorer Satellite, astronomers from the Space Telescope...This primordial heat gives astronomers an idea of how much energy...research for errors. Other astronomers called the work a remarkable...universe. Eli Dwek, a NASA astronomer at the Goddard Spaceflight...

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Astronomers spot smallest planets yet orbiting nearby stars

...Over the past decade, astronomers have found as many as 135...located by University of Texas astronomers, is orbiting very close...our solar system," said astronomer Barbara McArthur, who led...galaxy, but until now, astronomers had not believed that such...

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Astronomers find new class of starlike objects

...California Institute of Technology astronomers said they are calling the...into colors, or spectrum, astronomers can determine the distinctive...Using this technique, astronomers since 1817 have divided stars...And in 1901, a Harvard astronomer, Annie Jump Cannon, arranged...

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Radio astronomers measure orbit of sun around Milky Way

CHICAGO -- Astronomers focusing on a star at...Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers plotted the motion of...Harvard-Smithsonian astronomer and leader of the team...system measurement, the astronomers focused on Sagittarius...

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