University offers new severe asthma treatment

...thermoplasty to treat his severe persistent asthma. The procedure involved threading a catheter...particularly when it is constricted during an asthma attack. The procedure weakens the muscle...those patients with severe persistent asthma that is not being controlled by medication...

EPA sets stricter limits on smog-causing pollution

...the smog-causing pollution linked to asthma and respiratory illness, drawing swift...ozone pollution and prevent thousands of asthma attacks and emergency room visits and...premature deaths and nearly 2 million asthma attacks per year, the lung association...

Understanding asthma can help lift quality of life

Living with asthma can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be debilitating, physicians say. "When asthma is well-controlled, (asthmatics...than 20 million Americans suffering from asthma - a respiratory condition that inflames...

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Group urges asthma training

...carried away a pupil suffering a severe asthma attack. "He never came back to school...needed more education on how to manage asthma. A week later, he got an e-mail about training seminars from the CSRA Asthma Coalition. "You send up a prayer...

Study: For mild asthma, less medicine might be right

People with mild asthma may not need daily medicine to prevent...patients who take medicine only when asthma attacks occur fare about as well as those...confirmed the results and patients with mild asthma switched to attacks-only treatment...

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Schools boost asthma policy

A frightening asthma attack by a Richmond County girl has led the school district to strengthen its asthma policy, allowing parents to document what...recently while at school and suffered an asthma attack, according to school board member...

Defends schools' management of asthma

...Science and Medicine section on the difficulties managing asthma and asthma medications in the school system: The article correctly identifies the need for children with asthma to have immediate access to their medication. However...

Study: Drugs effective in exercise-induced asthma

People whose asthma kicks up when they exercise often have trouble finding...other medications for people who have exercise-induced asthma. An estimated 15 million Americans have asthma, the chronic lung condition that causes wheezing, chest...

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Latest urban scourge, asthma challenges cities to respond

...playful." The toddler died last year of asthma, the incurable respiratory disease that...The number of Americans suffering from asthma has doubled since 1980, to nearly 14...disease. "There are people with pretty bad asthma who are Olympic athletes," said Dr...

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Action plan for asthma advances

...in the Augusta area who have died from asthma, advocates gathered Friday to finalize...Chronicle , there have been at least 12 asthma deaths in the Augusta area since September...evaluated. Children in the program had better asthma control and fewer emergency room visits...