Body cameras not a 'cure-all' for law enforcement, officials say

...and Williams said his department has used the cameras as evidence against suspects. Todd Powell-Williams, an associate professor in GRU's Department of Sociology, Criminal Justice and Social Work, said research shows the cameras can be...

More senior citizens still getting behind wheel

...independence, they want to remain that way as long as possible," said Dr. S. Dale White, Georgia Regents University associate professor of social work. "Add this to the fact that people are living longer, have better health care, have more energy...

Early holiday shoppers already crossing off lists in Augusta

...In-store holiday shopping is still highest in late November and early- to mid-December, said Tony Barilla, an associate professor of economics at Georgia Southern University.However, consumers are increasingly turning to e-commerce in October...

What the government isn't telling Americans about Ebola outbreak

...and possibly serve as the index case for a potential epidemic in the Dallas area. (The writer is an emeritus associate professor of family medicine at Georgia Regents University.)

Augusta-area companies enjoying lower fuel prices

...in a couple of key places: buying small discretionary items and more trips to restaurants.Tony Barilla, an associate professor of economics at Georgia Southern University, said lower gas prices also tend to increase car sales."That's...


...while an investigation was ongoing and later from all job-related duties on April 4. He admitted he contacted an associate professor and requested men's swimmer Chase Kalisz before he enrolled last December in a class after semester classes...

GRU tackles Ebola issues

...their burial practices.That goes against the cultural beliefs of many families, said Dr. Angela Bratton, an associate professor of anthropology at GRU who specializes in Africa and West Africa."You wash your dead, you would kiss your...


...though no decision was reached.The NCAA charged Georgia with a Level I major violation after Bauerle contacted an associate professor and requested a men's swimmer be enrolled last December in a class "as a late add" after the semester had ended...

On The Move

...Department of Clinical and Environmental Health SciencesEmployer: Georgia Regents UniversityWork experience: He is an associate professor at the School of Medical Diagnostic and Translational Sciences at Old Dominion University. He is the inventor...

Charles Case II

...as a staunch advocate for the equality of all persons-he held no quarter for racism or sexism. Dr. Case was Associate Professor Emeritus of Georgia Regents University at the time of his death. Charlie's other loves, besides teaching...