Jason Perry

...fellowship in Adult and Pediatric Allergy and Immunology at the Medical College of Georgia. Dr. Perry then served as Assistant Professor of Allergy and Immunology at the Medical College of Georgia/Georgia Regents University from 2006-2014. In...

People should check government's power by better preserving liberty

...Federalist Papers and founding letters, and respond. I look forward to an educated conversation. (The writer is an assistant professor of political science at Georgia Regents University.)

Celebrate diversity more

...month when we remember Afrikan heritage and black people who have sacrificed and gone before us to give so much ? even their lives ? to make America greater.(The writer is an assistant professor of philosophy at Paine College.)

Search committee to find Azziz replacement named

...College of Georgia Foundation;? Dr. Joseph "Andy" Hauger, professor of physics;? Dr. Elizabeth Hogan, assistant professor of psychiatry and chair-elect of GRU University Senate;? Dr. Edgar Johnson, professor of communications;? Dr...

GRU students, local doctors provide dental care for pupils at national event

...children across the country will receive treatment at a GKAS event this year.GRU's event was spearheaded by Assistant Professor of Pediatric Dentistry Bruce Riggs and Associate Professor of Pediatric Dentistry Tara Schafer, who invited students...

Blacks are killing blacks

...us not lose sight of the larger concern for the sanctity of all life. Blacks must remember to protest all forms of black murder ? including black self-murder.(The writer is an assistant professor of philosophy at Paine College.)

Smaller, portable ultrasound device is part of education at MCG

...screen and tried to make sense of the shifting gray and white shapes. They were aided by Dr. Yulia Melenevsky, an assistant professor of radiology, who deftly guided the probe to the right neighborhood."Do you see those two bright lines coming...

Alice Pollingue

...home and with her family. Alice received her Doctorate from the University of Alabama. She retired as a tenured assistant professor of education at Augusta State University in August of 2013 after 14 years. She taught special education at the...

Foster multiculturalism

...religion always have been the hallmarks of American ideals.Laura Quaynor, Ph.D.Augusta (The writer is an assistant professor of curriculum and instruction at the University of South Carolina Aiken.)

Weight loss varies little among diets

...low-carbohydrate diet, evidence comparing weight loss between diets has been lacking.Dr. Edward Mills, an assistant professor of clinical epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of Toronto, and colleagues from Stanford and Tufts...