Attorney General says set-asides are unconstitutional discrimination

...several years. "With set-asides, we are sliding back into a...Transportation Department to set aside 10 percent of its state highway...also requires minority set-asides, and state purchasing rules also set aside certain contracts for bids from...

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Hollywood is hypocritical

...those fires and explosions that Hollywood creates, the pollution and irreparable damage to the environment and Mother Earth aside ? are those self-extinguishing blasts?Will the liberal elitists who demand that we do "x," "y" and "z" adhere to...

Bayern Munich clinches Bundesliga title

...LEAGUE: With a tenacious defensive display, Chelsea held Arsenal to a 0-0 draw to close in on its first title in five years.Aside from penalty decisions not going Chelsea's way, the only thing that frustrated coach Jose Mourinho was Arsenal fans chanting...

Millennials reshaping hotel industry

...hospitality companies. About one-third of millennials, more than any age group, intend on traveling this year and will set aside a total of $226 billion to do so, according to Harris Poll, which surveyed more than 2,000 U.S. adults ages 18 and older...

Opposes bias against whites, males

...article entitled, "Condon targets set-asides." It is about time that our (South...general said officially that such "set-asides" are illegal. Now, if only our governor...that spurred the creation of the set-asides in the first place." To say the very...

S.C. could lose highway money of racial bill passes

...Legislature outlaws racial set-asides. State Rep. Hunter Limbaugh...would have a big effect on set-asides at the Transportation Department...the state to abandon its set-aside program. The bill State Rep...would have a big effect on set-asides at the Transportation Department...

Former 007 spills some secrets in new book

Peppered with fun facts and cheeky asides, actor Roger Moore's book looking back on the golden anniversary of James Bond on-screen is a treat for 007 fans. He takes...

Rumpole explains 'Penge Bungalow Murders'

Ever since Rumpole of the Bailey first appeared in Englishman John Mortimer's mysteries, he has made asides referring to the Penge Bungalow Murders, a court case from very early in his career, in which he triumphed. He hasn't gone...

Local systems on notice: Historic 'color-blind' ruling

Taking their cue from U.S. Supreme Court rulings on quotas, set-asides and other ethnic-conscious policies, federal courts are commendably getting rid of race-preferences in public education...

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Equal rights hypocrites

Since a full federal U.S. appeals court affirmed last year's California ballot initiative banning quotas, set-asides and other preferential treatment for selected minorities in employment, education and contracting -- some cities, including...