Follow the divi-divi trees in Aruba

ORANJESTAD, Aruba - Should you get lost in Aruba, follow the divi-divi trees. That was the tip from Leroy...bustling hotel district. But we quickly realized that many of Aruba's points of interest are far from the hotels and the island's...

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Fox's Greta Van Susteren cleans up in Aruba

...microphone and camera crew to the gates of an Aruba landfill this past week, Greta Van Susteren...of Alabama while on a graduation trip to Aruba in May. Critics find it an obsession bordering...I think she's registered to vote in Aruba now," joked NBC News reporter Josh Mankiewicz...

Former Hawks All-Star Dan Roundfield drowns near Aruba

...has drowned off the Caribbean island of Aruba while helping his wife as she struggled...Bernie, off the southeastern tip of Aruba on Monday when they became caught in rough...grandchildren.The couple had visited Aruba nearly 20 times and were caught off guard...

Tech lineman clings to hope in Aruba case

...offensive line, he tries to keep up with news about the missing Alabama teen, clinging to hope that she might be found alive in Aruba. "I was at home when I heard the news," McManus recalled. "Everybody was like, 'Oh, she missed the plane. She must...

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Beyond the beach

ORANJESTAD, Aruba - How tempting it was to plant myself beneath...illuminated from beneath the surface. Aruba's best beachfront hotels are excellent...blue sky. On the western coast, most of Aruba's 28 hotels stand on level terrain along...

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Across the southeast

...her daughter, Natalee Holloway, head to Aruba on her senior class trip: She went to...May 30, the last night of her stay in Aruba. Her unsolved disappearance became a cautionary...by Alabama's governor for a boycott of Aruba. Holloway, an 18-year-old honors...

Bookworm: "Why Have Kids?'

Your former classmate leads such an interesting life.She tells you about the trips she took recently: Aruba, Paris, Johannesburg, Tokyo. She waves perfectly manicured hands as she describes partying all night, leisurely meals, Sundays...

No game plan

...Michael Jackson's molestation trial, actor Russell Crowe's assault arrest and the search for an Alabama girl missing in Aruba. Oops. Wait a minute. Those weren't entertainment Web sites; they were national news media sites. We're in a weird...

Property transfers

...to Marion L. Clements and Mary Ann Clements, Part B, 5190 Aruba Circle, Lot 3, Block 34, Phase 7, West Wheeler Townhomes...Mary Ann Clements and Marion L. Clements Jr., Part B, 5190 Aruba Circle, Lot 3, Block 34, Phase 7, West Wheeler TownhomesJames...

Property transfers

...Deed Book R1 Page 1168, 1...Tran Mai Properties LLC to Mary Ann Clements and Marion L. Clements Jr., Part B, 5190 Aruba Circle, Lot 3, Block 34, Phase 7, West Wheeler TownhomesJames Barry McCoy to Dennis Dixon, Section II, 2144 Silverdale...