Soldiers talk communication

...the headquarters of all Army communications, makes...Conference of American Armies, by observer armies and...special invitees. Member armies: Antigua and Barbuda...America, Uruguay Observer armies: Barbados, Belize...Lucia Source: U.S. Army South

Feeding the troops

Armies were fed on Thursday. Thousands...soup kitchens worked to feed an army of the poor. Fort Gordon cooks...favorite dish absent from the Army's banquet table. "My grandma...Just another day in the Army." On his own since he was...

Is this point of no return?

...five years and then apply for citizenship in English only. We were proud to become American citizens.Remember when the Roman armies were involved in foreign wars while the home population decayed down the road to selfishness and to the end of the Roman Empire...

Why we fight

Consider for a moment the various reasons that armies have been deployed in the course of human history. To conquer. To pillage. To destroy. To expand empires. To extract riches...

Signs point to gridlock on Social Security, Medicare

...WASHINGTON -- President Clinton and Republicans have rival plans for shoring up Social Security and Medicare. But, like opposing armies mired in their trenches, each is on the defensive, far from a historic agreement to overhaul the massive entitlement programs...

'Mission' accomplished; bring troops home

...Baghdad - population 5.9 million - will not control the city, which includes 23 separate Muslim armies, including the more than 60,000-man Mahdi Army of the radical Muslim cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. If President Bush is hell-bent on sending...

Germ warfare's history very long, very deadly

...threats, they have been tools of terror for ages. Ancient armies, for instance, tainted water supplies of entire cities with...and catapulted them over the walls of enemy towns. A Tartar army in 1346 launched a biological assault that may have gotten out...

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Saddam's long fall: From ostentatious palaces to a hole in the ground

...from a hole in the dirt. A man who challenged the greatest armies in the world was arrested without firing a shot. A man who...5,000 men, women and children died. Saddam built a huge army, with nearly 1 million soldiers at the start of the 1991 Gulf...

'Star Wars' spawned a galaxy of technologies

...effects far from special, George Lucas spent millions to develop a complete digital editing system to populate his sequels with armies of X-wing fighters and Gungan warriors. Then, he virtually gave it away. "We were 10 years ahead of the commercial reality...

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Museum exhibit melds science and fiction of Star Wars

...between planets, massive factories churn out robot and clone armies, and circuitry keeps alive the Empire's greatest villain...Star Wars story line 30 years ago about a fascistic imperial army and the feisty rebels who ultimately win the day. Five movies...

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